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Sep/23/2020 news: \\ education reforms: Armenian language \\ liberated Anvakh outpost \\ MFAs clash \\ Armenia-Saudi relations \\ job & salary stats \\ real estate grows \\ EU sends $ \\ BHK officials \\ Amulsar activists \\ police & cadastre reforms \\ mask ads \\ Yerevan vs illegal construction

2020.09.23 21:23 ar_david_hh Sep/23/2020 news: \\ education reforms: Armenian language \\ liberated Anvakh outpost \\ MFAs clash \\ Armenia-Saudi relations \\ job & salary stats \\ real estate grows \\ EU sends $ \\ BHK officials \\ Amulsar activists \\ police & cadastre reforms \\ mask ads \\ Yerevan vs illegal construction

"the importance of the newly liberated Anvakh outpost"

The govt released a video: in July, without a single shot, Armenian soldiers took the [Anvakh] position that was under Azeri control. It has long been a big security threat to nearby residents of Armenian Movses village. Although this position is within Armenia, Azeris attacked it but were thrown back.
Why is Baku taking the loss of this position so painfully?
First. This has left an important Azeri outpost on nearby Mt. Kharadash vulnerable because the only road that leads to it is under Armenian observation; it's right next to the new Armenian position.
This Azeri outpost on Mt. Karadash, which is now isolated, is very important for Azerbaijan because it's the tallest point that oversees several regions in Azeri Tovuz province, and Armenian Chinari village.
Second. There is a growing nationalist movement in Azerbaijan, and since Aliyev couldn't retake the lost position, it damages his reputation. The Azeri govt has fallen in their own trap that they set by making militaristic threats for years.

Azeri media is accused of word game / MFA Lavrov

Armenian MFA says: // Russian MFA Lavrov made a "standard" comment about the Karabakh negotiations, the 5 regions, etc. Azeri media twisted his words and presented them in a one-sided way. //
Russian MFA later told reporters to read their direct quote instead of its interpretation by a third party [Azerbaijan]. ,

Armenophobia in Turkish newspapers

Hrant Dink foundation examined articles written by 500 Turkish newspapers in 2019. They found 5,515 instances of hate speech towards 80 minorities.
Armenians were the primary target with 803 instances, followed by Syrians with 760, Greeks with 754.
Yeni Akit, Yeniçağ Diriliş Postası were the worst offenders.

will the relations with Saudi Arabia normalize? / Signals sent / Middle East expert talks Turkey-Saudi-Armenia relations / Salman's Vision 2030

Azerbaijan, Turkey, Yemen, and... Saudi Arabia? These are the Asian counties without diplomatic relations with Armenia. Saudis are among those who won't befriend Armenia due to the Artsakh conflict for the sole reason that Azerbaijan is a Muslim state.
However, Saudis sent congratulations to Armenia on Independence Day on Monday. At first King Salman, then the Defense Minister. They wished "progress and prosperity" to Armenian people.
This is the second time they've done so. The first message was in 2018. The mutual trade remains low, however, at "few hundred thousand dollars a year."
Economist and Gulf states expert Minas Hanskehean explains: there is a significant and sharp shift in Saudi foreign affairs in favor of Armenia. There is a geopolitical confrontation between Turkey and Saudi. Erdogan wants to revive Ottoman "rules" and present himself as the Sunni leader, but Saudis don't like this.
Saudis had good relations with Qatar, then Turkey sent soldiers to Qatar.
When I was teaching economics to Saudi students in Riyadh in 2015, at the time, Turkey was viewed as a great, successful, and a model state. Then it all changed in front of my eyes. Riyadh's mayor directly instructed Sheikhs not to invest in Turkey because "Turkey is robbing you on daily basis." The most popular state-run newspapers would print anti-Turkish articles daily.
This isn't the only reason why Saudis want to normalize relations with Armenia now. It's part of their new strategy to make new friends, including in the Caucasus. They subsidized tourism to Georgia; it would cost Saudi citizens as little as $300 to travel there.
Saudis will celebrate their national day on September 23rd. Armenia should not only send congratulations but also an invitation for Saudi MFA or the Prince to visit Armenia.
The Armenian diaspora is very small; around 300 people. Mostly migrated from Syria, Lebanon, other Gulf states, and a very few gold experts and teachers from Armenia.
There is rapid social progress in the country. Prince Muhammad bin Salman wants to change the public mentality. It wasn't just allowing women to drive that they have done lately. It's part of their "Vision 2030" which also envisions Arabia without oil.
They want to dedicate land size of Armenia to develop tourism. They spend astronomical sums to import food, but our products aren't in their market. We should improve relations and establish a trade office in Riyadh.Սաուդյան-Արաբիան-փոխում-է-Հայաստանի-հանդեպ-նախկին-քաղաքականությունը/395710Սաուդյան-Արաբիան-երկրորդ-անգամ-շնորհավորեց-Հայաստանի-Անկախության-տոնը/395681
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China's new embassy in Armenia

"China wants to strengthen relations with Armenia," said president Sarkissian who was invited to the newly built Chinese embassy, which is the largest in the region. He discussed technology and science cooperation with China.

U.S. company wants to build a global center for technology solutions in Armenia

High-Tech Minister Arshakyan met the American SADA Systems founder Hovik Safoyan, who wants to utilize Armenian tech talent. Details about the project will be revealed soon.
"This is like fresh air, a new approach that has not existed before. The government sends a signal that Armenia is not a country for charity, but a center for creating new companies and opportunities through mutually beneficial cooperation," said the founder.

how post-Soviet dictators prepare their sons as next leaders

Russian blogger Varlamov made a video about how dictators of Belarus, Azerbaijan, etc. involve their sons in politics and slowly prep them as their successors.
The video mentions how BKH leader Gagik Tsarukyan gave 4 white lions as a gift to Nikolay Lukashenko (son of Alexander Lukashenko), how Ilham Aliyev changed Azerbaijani law to promote his family's power and how he "advertises" his son Heydar, how Tajikistan's dictator's son was recently elected as the Parliament speaker, etc.

speaking of Gagik Tsarukyan...

His "voter buying and financial crimes" trial was supposed to be today but he didn't show up "despite being notified". The judge could have continued the trial without him but he chose to postpone it until September 25th.
(There is a big opposition rally on October 8th and the ruling QP party earlier accused Tsarukyan of trying to match the rally date with his trial for more "impact".)

BHK MP Naira Zohrabyan's interview w/Russian outlet

Lragir writes: // BHK MP Zohrabyan is complaining that "Vestnik Kavkaza" Russian-language outlet twisted her words. She had to call them to demand a correction. "Is Zohrabyan even aware of this outlet's anti-Armenian record?"
In the interview, the MP also told the outlet that it's the Pashinyan administration who caused a deadlock in the Karabakh peace process and that it has no vision for resolving the conflict. This was actively used as propaganda by Azeri media. //

police arrests environmental activists after fight

Police report says: // we got a call about a big fight in Gndevaz (not far from Amulsar, where Lydian wants to mine gold). The environmental Activists berated miners who expressed willingness to mine in Amulsar. Mamas were cussed.
Both sides gathered near Gndevaz to "talk". It escalated into a 40-minute physical and verbal fight.
One of the Activists then threw a rock at the oncoming car's windshield and broke it. His friends followed suit. Items were gathered as evidence. Three Activists are under arrest. Stay calm and respect others' rights. //

journalists criticize a court ruling / "bad precedence"

A group of media outlets: // Lori TV reporter was assaulted in 2017 while documenting how construction crews were laying asphalt under the rain.
The court verdict to acquit the suspects [due to lack of evidence and statue of limitation] is disappointing. They had twisted the journalists' arms, punched her, and deleted the footage. This verdict sets a bad precedence. //
The journalist will appeal the verdict.

Armenian State University of Economics board

... decided to suspend classes until their acting-rector Diana Galoyan is officially approved by the govt as a permanent rector.
The previous rector was forced to resign after an Education Ministry agency found plagiarism in his doctoral dissertation. His replacement, Diana Galoyan, was also caught with plagiarism, but another Education Ministry agency overruled those plagiarism findings to give her a green light.
Her approval process hasn't been finalized yet. The university wants it done ASAP because they like her and "she is apolitical and independent."

police reforms

Recently the govt passed a bill to create a new police division with better-trained officers, better equipment, uniform, etc.
Someone has to teach those recruits. The future teachers are currently being taught how to teach the recruits. They are being aided by the U.S., EU, UN, and OSCE.

real estate market is reviving

Property transactions dropped during the pandemic's uncertainty and hardship. Looks like it's active again.
Cadastre Committee chief: +6.3% YoY property transactions in August. The lifting of physical restrictions helped the rise. +39% in rural areas. +7% in provincial cities. Yerevan had fewer transactions, however. The prices are -1%.

reforming the online property database system

Cadastre Committee will revamp the website and provide easier access to property locations. The street naming scheme will abide by the same rule so you won't come across a difficulty with finding "Khachatur Abovyan" but not "K. Abovyan".

COVID stats

+2256 tested. +220 infected. +350 healed. 268322 tested. 3617 active.
Artsakh president's spokesman David Babayan is infected. ,

mask-promoting ads

The govt has purchased ad space on 40 billboards for 1 month to display ads that promote the wearing of a mask.

Norq Hospital employees to be rewarded

Norq infections hospital played a major role against COVID. They didn't receive special rewards on September 21st, unlike some of their colleagues. They sent a complaint letter to the govt.
The govt responded saying over 100 Norq Infections doctors will soon receive the awards, in addition to 12 who got it earlier. ,

Artsakh sends gifts to the U.S.

Medical products made in Artsakh were donated to the Chevy Chase surgical center in Los Angeles, which has a history of helping the Artsakh population.

Asian Development bank will provide $2m aid

... against the COVID fight.

Europe will provide $35m aid

... to reform the judicial system.

Europe will give another $35m aid

This one is for overcoming economic difficulties caused by COVID.

IRS provides job and wage numbers

There were 618,000 taxpaying jobs as of August, which is up 5,000 from last month, and up 13,400 from last year.
Salary-per-job-position went from $390/mo to $420/mo.

Yerevan is being sued by ex-oligarch Lfik

Mayor Marutyan has been recently forcing ex-officials to free public lands that they "illegally occupied" with "illegal construction".
Ex-HHK businessman Samvel "Lfik Samo" Aleksanyan is now suing the capital to cancel one such decision that affects his structure on Շրջանային փողոց.

new bill could end the legalization of bootleg roof extensions

Those disgusting-looking things that people build on their apartment complex building roofs for "extra room"... currently they can be legalized.
A draft bill by Justice Ministry could keep them illegal.
Interview with an architect:

education reforms / Armenian language

The opposition ARF, BHK, HHK, Hayreniq are against the upcoming education reforms and have accused the Education Ministry of anti-Armenian conduct and "destroying traditional values, Armenian language, History, etc."
Education Ministry: // the proposed reform will increase Armenian Language class hours from 650 to 718 in Elementary, from 850 to 863 in Middle, and from 500 to 571 in High school. //
The reform bill is still open for suggestions on the govt website.
More about the bill:

Armenian Language & Armenology classes

... are now being subsidized by the Education Ministry in twice as many foreign educational institutes, per 2019 reforms.
10 schools and universities in 8 countries are receiving financing to teach Armenian language, history, and culture.
The first-ever joint Armenology research was subsidized with two European institutes.

birth registration reforms / less runaround for parents

The Justice Ministry reformed the law about issuing a birth certificate. Beginning in March, seven birth clinics enrolled in a new program to establish one unified office on their premises that will provide several services such as birth certificate, child aid enrollment, paternity certificate, etc.
The program will expand in provinces soon. It has already helped 3.7k out of 5.3k babies born in Yerevan since March.

Le Dîner de Cons / now in theaters near you

Armenian-French producer Francis Veber created movie classics such as Dinner With Idiot (The Dinner Game), Խաղալիքը, Ձախորդները, Հայրիկները.
On the scale of 0-10, zero is the chance you haven't seen at least one of them. But why not watch a performance in person?
Vanadzor's drama theater will perform The Dinner With Idiot, directed by Sargis Manukyan. He believes the public needs some comedy after the pandemic.
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The first person to ever tell me the theory was Iris. It was nighttime in 2015, and we were lying on an old mattress on the roof of a four-storey apartment building in a university town in southern Ontario. A party was going on downstairs to which we’d both been invited and from whose monotony we’d helped each other escape through an ordinary white door that said “No entrance”. It was summer. I remember the heat waves and the radiating warmth of the asphalt. Our semester was over and we had started existing until the next one started in the way all students exist when they don’t spend their months off at home or touring Europe. I could feel the bass thumping from below. I could see the infinite stars in the cloudless sky. The sound seemed so disconnected from the image. Iris and I weren’t dating, we were just friends, but she leaned toward me on the mattress that night until I could feel her breathing on my neck, and, with my eyes pointed spaceward, she began: “What if…”
Back then it was pure speculation, a wild fantasy inspired by the THC from the joint we were passing back and forth and uninhibited by the beer we’d already drunk. There was nothing scientific or even philosophical about Iris’ telling of it. The theory was a flight of imagination influenced by her name and personalized by the genetic defect of her eyes, which her doctors had said would render her blind by fifty. Even thirty-five seemed far away. It’s heartbreaking now to know that Iris never did live to experience her blindness—her own genetic fate interrupted by the genetic fate of the world—but that night, imagination, the quality Einstein called more important than knowledge, lit up both our brains in synapses of neon as we shared our joint, sucking it into glowing nothingness, Iris paranoid that she’d wake up one morning in eternal darkness despite the doctors’ assurances that her blindness would occur gradually, and me fearing that I would never find love, never share my life with anyone, but soothed at least by Iris’ words and her impossible ideas because Einstein was right, and imagination is magical enough to cure anything.

2025, Pre-

I graduated with a degree in one field, found a low paying job in another, got married, worked my way to slightly better pay, wanted to have a child, bought a Beagle named Pillow as a temporary substitute, lived in an apartment overlooking a green garbage bin that was always full of beer cans and pizza boxes, and held my wife, crying, when we found out that we couldn’t have children. Somewhere along the way my parents died and Kurt Schwaller, a physicist from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, proved a grand theory of everything that rather than being based on the vibrations of strings, was based on a property of particles called viscous time force. I never understood the details. To me they lacked imagination. The overriding point, the experts on television told us, was that given enough data and computing power we could now predict the outcome of anything. The effect was that no one wanted to study theoretical physics and everyone wanted to make breakthroughs in data collection systems and biological hardware. Hackers created a version of Linux that ran from DNA. Western Digital released the first working holographic storage drive. The NSA, FSB, BND and other agencies rushed to put their suddenly valuable mass of unprocessed raw spy data to prognostic use. A Chinese bookmaker known only by the nick ##!! wrote a piece of Python code that could predict the outcomes of hockey games. Within a month, the NHL and KHL were scrambling to come up with ways of saving their leagues by making them more unpredictable. They introduced elements of chance: power plays without penalties, a tilting ice surface, fluctuating rules that sometimes allowed for icings and offsides and sometimes not, and, finally, a pre-game lottery by which the names of the players on both teams were put into a pot and randomly drawn into two squads. Given enough variables, the strategy did thwart the code, but the inherent unfairness of the innovations alienated the players, the draft made owners question why they were paying the salaries of superstars who played against them half of the time, and the fans simply stopped paying attention to a league full of teams for which their already dwindling loyalty had bottomed out. Besides, the code was basic. ##!! had room to expand. The KHL folded first, followed by the NHL, and then the other sports leagues, preemptively. They didn’t bother to wait until their own codes were broken. I remember seeing an interview with ##!! while this was still front page news. The reporter, a perpetually smiling big-breasted blonde with blindingly white teeth, asked him if he thought that hockey could be rescued by the creation of roving blue lines that would continually alter the relative sizes of both offensive zones and the neutral zone. ##!! answered that he didn’t know what a blue line was because he’d never watched a hockey game in his life. His voice was cold, objective, and there was something terrifyingly inhuman about the idea that a person with no knowledge of a subject could nevertheless understand it so completely. Content had become a mere input of form.
By 2025, mainstream interest in the theory of everything faded, not because the theory was wrong but because it was too right and too abstract and now there weren’t any young theoretical physicists to help explain it using cute graphics on YouTube. We consumed what we understood and passively accepted the fallout while going on with our daily lives. The people who did understand made money, but for the rest of us the consequences were less than their potential, because even with enough time, memory and microprocessors the most we could know was the what and the when, not the why. For the governments and corporations pouring taxes and tax-free earnings into complex models of world domination, that didn’t matter. They weren’t interested in cause. They were in the business of exploiting certainty to gain power. As long as they could predict lightning, they were satisfied. If they could make it, all the better. Away from the cutting edge, however, like ants or ancients, what we craved to know was where the lightning came from, what it meant, and on that issue the theory was silent. As Kurt Schwaller put it in a speech to the United Nations, “All I’ve given you is a tool—a microscope to magnify the minutes, so to speak—with which to investigate in perfect detail the entirety of our interrelations. But the investigations still have to made, ladies and gentlemen. Have a hay stack, look for the needle. Know there might not be one.”
In January, my wife and I began a fertility treatment for which we’d been saving for years. It was undoubtedly the reason we became so emotionally involved in the media attention around Aiko, the lovely, black-haired and fashionable Crown Princess of Japan, who along with her husband was going through the same ordeal that we were. For a few months, it seemed as if the whole world sat on the edges of its seat, wishing for this beautiful royal couple to conceive. And we sat on two, our own and one somewhere in an exotic Japan updated by the royal Twitter feed. It strikes me now that royalty has always fascinated the proles, a feeling that historically went in tandem with hatred, respect or awe, but it was the Japanese who held our attentions the longest and the most genuinely in the twenty-first century, when equality had more or less rendered a hereditary ruling class obsolete. The British declared themselves post-Christian in 2014 and post-Royal in 2021, the European Court of Justice ruled all other European royals invalid in 2022, and the Muslim monarchs pompously degraded themselves one-by-one into their own exiles and executions. Only the Japanese line survived, adapting to the times by refusing to take itself seriously on anything but the most superficial level. They dressed nicely, acted politely and observed a social protocol that we admired without wanting to follow it ourselves. Before he died, my father had often marvelled that the Second World War began with Japan being led by an emperor god, and ended with the American occupation forcing him to renounce his divinity. The Japanese god had died because MacArthur willed it and Hirohito spoke it. Godhood was like plaque. If your mother told you to brush your teeth, off it went, provided you used the right flavour of Colgate. Kings had once ruled by divine right. By 2025, the Crown Princess of Japan ruled our hearts merely by popular approval. She was our special friend, with whom we were all on intimate and imaginary terms. Indeed, on the day she died—on the day they all died—Princess Aiko’s was the most friended account on Facebook.
That’s why March 27, 2025, was such a joyous occasion for us. In hindsight, it’s utterly sick to associate the date with happiness of any kind, but history must always be understood in context, and the context of the announcement was a wirelessly connected world whose collective hopes came suddenly true to the jingle of a breaking news story on the BBC. I was in the kitchen sauteing onions when I heard it. Cutting them had made me cry and my eyes were still red. Then the announcer’s voice broke as he was setting up his intro, and in a video clip that was subsequently rebroadcast, downloaded and parodied close to a billion times in the one hundred thirty-two days that followed, he said: “The Crown Princess of Japan is pregnant!”
I ran to the living room and hugged my wife, who’d fallen to her knees in front of the wall-mounted monitor. Pillow was doing laps on and off the sofa. The BBC cut away from the announcer’s joyful face to a live feed from Japan. As I held my wife, her body felt warm and full of life. The top of her jeans cut into her waist. Her tears wetted the top of my shirt sleeve. Both of our phones started to buzz—emails and Twitter notifications streaming in. On the monitor, Aiko and her husband, both of their angular faces larger than life in 110” 1080p, waved to the crowd in Tokyo and the billions watching around the world. They spoke in Japanese and a woman on the BBC translated, but we hardly needed to know her exact words to understand the emotions. If them, why not also us? I knew my wife was having the same thought. We, too, could have a family. Then I smelled burning oil and the pungency of onions and I remembered my sauteing. I gently removed my arms from around my wife’s shoulders and ran back to the kitchen, still listening to Aiko’s voice and its polite English echo, and my hands must have been shaking, or else my whole body was shaking, because after I had turned down the heat I reached for the handle of the frying pan, knocked the pan off the stove top instead, and burned myself while stupidly trying to catch it before it fell, clattering, to the floor. The burned onions splattered. I’d cracked one of the kitchen tiles. My hand turned pale and I felt a numbness before my skin started to overflow with the warmth of pain. Without turning off the broadcast, my wife shooed me downstairs to the garage where we kept our car and drove me to the hospital.
The Toronto streets were raucous. Horns honked. J-pop blared. In the commotion we nearly hit a pedestrian, a middle-aged white woman pushing a baby carriage, who’d cut across Lake Shore without looking both ways. She had appeared suddenly from behind a parked transport—and my wife instinctively jerked the car from the left lane to the right, scraping our side mirror against the truck but saving two lives. The woman barely noticed. She disappeared into a crowd of Asian kids on the other side of street who were dancing to electronica and waving half a dozen Japanese flags, one of which was the Rising Sun Flag, the military flag of Imperial Japan. Clutching my wrist in the hope it would dull the pain in my hand, I wondered how many of them knew about the suffering Japanese soldiers had inflicted on countless Chinese in the name of that flag. To the right, Lake Ontario shone and sparkled in the late afternoon light. A passenger jet took off from Toronto Island Airport and climbed into the sky.
In the hospital waiting room, I sat next to a woman who was reading a movie magazine with Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s face on the cover. The Cannes film festival was coming up. My wife checked me in at the reception desk. The woman beside me put down her magazine and told me that she was there with her son, as if needing to justify her presence. I affirmed by nodding. He’d hurt his leg playing soccer for a local Armenian junior boys team, she went on. I said I’d hurt myself frying onions and that I was here with my wife. She said my wife was pretty and asked if I liked movies. Without meaning to do it, I tried to guess her age—unsuccessfully—and proceeded to imagine having doggy style sex with her. She had dark eyes that barely blinked and plump thighs. When I started to feel guilty, I answered her question: sometimes I watched movies at home, but I hadn’t been to a theatre in a decade. When my wife sat down, I let the two of them talk about the woman’s son. I was having trouble concentrating. I took my phone out of my pocket and read all the new emails about the royal conception, then stared at the seconds hand going slowly around its digital clock face on my home screen, wondering why we so often emulated the limitations of analogue machines on devices that were no longer bound by them. I switched my clock type to a digital readout. Now the seconds no longer rotated but flickered away. They called my name over the crackling intercom and a nurse led me to one of the empty rooms. “How about that baby,” he said while we walked. I didn’t see his face, only the shaved back of his head. “The things they can do these days, even for infertile couples.”
I waited for over thirty minutes for a doctor. When one came in, she inspected my hand for less than ten seconds before telling me that I was fine and hinting that I shouldn’t have wasted her time by coming to the emergency room. She had high cheek bones, thin lips and bony wrists. Her tablet had a faux clipboard wallpaper. Maybe I had only misinterpreted her tone. “How about that baby,” I said.
“It’s not a baby yet,” she answered.
This time her tone was impossible to misinterpret. I was only repeating what the nurse had said, I told myself. But I didn’t say that to her. Instead, I imagined her coming home at night to an empty apartment, furnished possibly in a minimalistic Japanese or Swedish style, brewing a cup of black coffee and settling into an armchair to re-read a Simone de Beauvoir novel. I was about to imagine having sex with her when I caught hold of myself and wondered what was up with me today.
When I got back to the waiting room, my wife was no longer there—but the Armenian woman was. She pointed down the hall and told me a room number. She said that sometime after I left, my wife had gotten a cramp and started to vomit all over the floor. Someone was still mopping up. The other people in the waiting room, which was filling up, gave me tactfully dirty looks, either because I was with the vomiter or because I’d shirked my responsible by being away during the vomiting. Irrationally, I wiped my own mouth and fled down the hall.
Inside the numbered room, my wife was sitting hunched over on an observation bed, slowly kicking her feet back and forth. “Are you OK?” I asked.
“Come here,” she said.
I did, and sat beside her on the bed. I repeated my question. She still smelled a little of vomit, but she looked up at me like the world’s luckiest puppy, her eyes big and glassy, and said, “Norman, I’m pregnant.”
That’s all she could say—
That’s all either of us could say for a while.
We just sat there on the examination bed like a pair of best friends on a swing set after dark, dangling our feet and taking turns pulling each other closer. “Are you sure?” I finally asked. My voice was hoarse. I sounded like a frog.
“Yes.” She kicked the heel of my shoe with the rubber toe of hers. “We’re going to have a baby.”
It was beautiful. The most wonderful moment of my life. I remembered the day we met and our little marriage ceremony. I thought about being a father, and felt positively terrified, and about being a better husband, and felt absolutely determined, and as I kissed my wife there in the little hospital room with its sterile green walls, I imagined making love to her. I kept imagining it as we drove back to the apartment through partying Toronto streets. “Not since the Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup!” the radio announcer proclaimed—before I turned him off. I also turned off my phone and my wife’s phone. No more buzzing. In the underground parking lot, I leaned over and licked her soft neck. I pushed her through the open apartment door and straight into the living room, onto the sofa, and wished I could be the cushions beneath her thighs and the air invading her lungs. Pillow barked a greeting and wagged her tail. The monitor on the wall showed talking heads and fertility experts. I unbuttoned my wife’s blouse. She unbuckled my belt. The picture on the monitor dissolved to a close-up of Aiko’s smiling face. My wife and I took turns sliding off each other’s jeans. I kissed her bare stomach. She ran her hands through my hair. I dimmed the lights. We made love.
When we were done it was starry nighttime. My wife bandaged my hand. We turned off the television. The silence was refreshing because people on television too often talk like they’re trying to push you off a ledge. My wife excused me from the duty of making supper because of my ineptness with the frying pan, and handed me a leash instead. I hooked it up to Pillow’s collar and took her outside. While she peed, I gazed up at the sky and identified the Big Dipper. It and the Little Dipper were the only constellations I could identify without using a smartphone app. After Pillow finished, we ducked into a nook and I peed, too. The March sky was amazingly clear of smog. My urine splashed on the concrete and I felt embarrassingly primal. I breathed in, shook out the last drops and zipped up.
In the apartment, we ate grilled portabella mushrooms topped with parmesan and parsley and drank brown rice tea. My wife had changed into fresh clothes. I had changed into fresh skin. Every time she said “mom” and “dad”, the words discharged trickles of electricity up and down my peripheral nervous system. We were happy; we were going to have a baby. The whole world was happy; the Crown Princess of Japan of was going to have a baby. The sounds of drunken urban celebrations drifted in through our bedroom window all night like fog, and we barely slept.

2025, Post-

Gold is precious because it’s rare. Now close your eyes and imagine that the next time you open them, everything in your world will be golden: your kitchen table, the bananas you bought on the way home from work yesterday, your bottle of shampoo, even your teeth. Now blink. You’re not alone. The market’s flooded. Gold isn’t rare anymore. It’s everywhere. Which means that it’s worth about as much as its weight in mud, because there’s nothing intrinsically good about gold. Can you write on your gold table? It scratches. Surely you can’t eat your golden fruit. Your shampoo’s not a liquid anymore, so your hair’s already starting to get greasy. And if you do find something to eat that’s not made of metal, how long will those gold teeth last before you grind them into finely polished nubs?
For two days the Earth glittered.
For two days we lived in a daze of perfection.
And then, on March 29, a researcher working with lab mice at Stanford University noticed something odd. All of his female mice were pregnant. He contacted several of his colleagues who were also working with mice, rats, and monkeys. All their female animals were pregnant, too. Some of the colleagues had wives and girlfriends. They took innocent-seeming trips to their local pharmacies and bought up all the available pregnancy tests. At home, women took test after test and all of them showed positive. By midnight, the researchers had drafted a joint letter and sent copies of it to the major newspapers in their countries. On the morning of March 30, the news hit.
When I checked my Twitter feed after breakfast, #impregtoo was already trending. Throughout the day, Reddit lit up with increasingly bizarre accounts of pregnancies that physically couldn’t be but, apparently, were. Post-menopausal women, celibate women, prepubescent girls, women who’d had their uteruses removed only to discover that their reproductive systems had spontaneously regenerated like the severed tales of lizards. Existing early stage pregnancies aborted themselves and re-fertilized, like a system rebooting. Later term pregnancies developed Matryoshka-like pregnancies nested within pregnancies. After a while, I stopped reading, choosing to spend time with my wife instead. As night fell, we reclined on the sofa, her head on my chest, Pillow curled up in our tangle of feet, the television off, and the streets of Toronto eerily quiet save for the intermittent blaring of far off sirens, as any lingering doubts about the reality of the situation melted away like the brief, late season snow that floated gently down from the sky, blackening the streets.
On March 30, the World Health Organization issued a communique confirming that based on the available data it was reasonable to assume that all female mammals were pregnant. No cause was identified. It urged any woman who was not pregnant to step forward immediately. Otherwise, the communique offered no guidance. It indicated merely that the organization was already working with governments around the world to prepare for a massive influx of human population in approximately nine months’ time. Most places, including Toronto, reacted with stunned panic. Non-essential workplaces and schools were decried closed. People were urged to stay indoors. Hospitals prepared for possible complications. A few supermarkets ran out of canned food and there were several bank runs, but nothing happened that the existing systems couldn’t handle. Populations kept their nerve. Highway and air traffic increased slightly as people rushed to be with their friends, families and gynaecologists. We spent the entire day in our apartment and let Pillow pee in the tub. Except for the conspiracy theorists, who believed that the Earth was being cosmically pollinated by aliens, most of us weren’t scared to go outside, but we were scared of the unknown, and we preferred to process that fear in the comfort of our own dens.
The New York Times ran a front page editorial arguing for an evaluation of the situation using Kurt Schwaller’s theory of everything. In conjunction with The Washington Post, The Guardian and The Wikipedia Foundation, a website was set up asking users for technical help, monetary donations and the sharing of any surplus computing power.
The project quickly ran into problems. To accurately predict anything, the theory of everything needed sufficient data, and, on April 2, published a series of leaked emails between the French Minister of Health and a high-ranking member of World Health Organization that proved the latter’s communique had been disingenuous at best. Externally, the World Health Organization had concluded that all female mammals were pregnant. That remained true. However, it had failed to admit an even more baffling development: the wombs of all female mammals had inexplicably become impenetrable to all rays and materials that had so far been tried against them. For all intents and purposes, there was no way to see inside the womb, or to destroy it. The only way to revert the body to its natural form, to terminate the pregnancy, was to kill the woman—an experiment that, according to the high-ranking member of the World Health Organization, the French government had helped conduct on unwilling women in Mali. Both parties issued repeated denials until a video surfaced showing the murders. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. They spun their denials into arguments about the necessity of sacrificing lives for the greater good.
Reminded once again of the deception inherent in politics, many turned to religion, but the mainstream religions were hesitant to react. They offered few opinions and no answers. The fringe religions split into two camps. Some leaders welcomed this development, the greatest of all known miracles, while others denounced the same as a universal and unnatural punishment for our collective sins of hedonism, egoism and pride. The most successful of all was the Tribe of Akna, a vaguely mystical Maya revival cult that sprang up seemingly overnight and was led by a Guatemalan freelance programmer named Salvador Abaroa. Although it originated in Mexico City, the Tribe spread as quickly across the world as the computer viruses that Abaroa was notorious for creating. On the Tribe’s homepage, Abaroa could be seen striking an antique brass gong and saying in Spanish-tinged English, “Like energy, life is never destroyed. Every one of us plays an integral part of the cosmic ecosystem. Every man, woman and virus.” Elsewhere on the website, you could buy self-published theological textbooks, listen to scratchy recordings of speeches by Alan Watts and read about the hypothesis that Maya thought was deeply connected to Buddhism because the Mayans had crossed the Pacific Ocean and colonized Asia.
But despite the apparent international cooperation happening at the highest levels, the first week of April was an atomizing period for the so-called people on the ground. We hunkered down. Most personal communication was digital. My wife and I exchanged emails with her parents and sister, but we met no one face-to-face, not even on Skype. We neither invited our neighbours to dinner nor were invited by them, despite how easy it was to walk down the hall and knock. I read far more than I wrote, and even when I did write, responding to a blog post or news story, I found it easier to relate to strangers than to the people I knew. My wife said I had a high tolerance for solitude. “Who do you know in the city?” she asked. Although we’d been living here together for three years, she still considered Toronto mine. She was the stranger, I was the native. I said that I knew a few people from work. She told me to call one of them I’d never called before. I did, and the next day’s sky was cloudless and sunny and there were five of us in the apartment: my wife and I, my friend Bakshi and his wife Jacinda, and their daughter, Greta. Greta drank apple juice while the rest of us drank wine, and all five of us gorged ourselves on freshly baked peach cobbler, laughing at silly faces and cracking immature jokes. It hardly registered for me that the majority of the room was unstoppably pregnant, but wasn’t that the point: to forget—if only for a few hours? Instead of watching the BBC, we streamed BDRips of Hayao Miyazaki movies from The Pirate Bay. Porco Rosso ruled the skies, castles flew, a Catbus arrived at its magical stop. Then Bakshi’s phone rang, and he excused himself from the table to take the call. When he returned, his face was grey. “What’s the matter?” Jacinda asked him. He was still holding the phone to his ear. “It’s Kurt Schwaller,” he said. “They just found his body. They think he killed himself.”
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2020.09.23 02:33 SkyAnimal For fun, I compiled a Timeline of Archaeological, Genetic, and Geologic data. I think this is the audience that would appreciate it. (My observations in the comment section.)

A timeline of Human Development, using archaeological, genetic, and geologic data:
Earth's orbit experiences a Orbital Eccentricity, 100,000 year cycle orbit and inclination variation, going from circular to elliptical, the hemispheres experience more or less sun or exposure to the sun for extended periods, causing ice ages. Scientists estimate we are near the minimum, a 6% change in solar energy. At peak, the earth experiences a change of 30%.
44 million y a - Hominid ancestors acquire Herpes virus.
10 million y a - Primate ancestors develop genes to digest alcohol.
6 million years ago - Primate ancestors split from Chimpanzee/Bonobo line (15 million DNA mutations have occurred since then; each person born today has 100 mutations distinct to them, most don’t survive.)
5.3 m y a - Mediterranean Sea experiences the Messinian Salinity Crisis, for 600,000 years the Straight of Gibraltar closed off, causing the Mediterranean to shrink down to two inland seas with Italy and Greece separating them. Ends in the Zanclean Flood, a river of Atlantic sea water flows thru Gibraltar and fills the Mediterranean in 2 years.
5 m y a - Arabian-African continent reconnects with Asia.
4 - 3 m y a - Hominid ancestors acquire pubic lice from Gorillas (genetic evidence).
3.6 - 2.58 m y a - Considered the Neogene Period.
3.3 m y a - Stone tools found in Kenya and Ethiopia.
3-1.4 m y a - Chimpanzee Herpes oral virus mutates into Hominid genital virus, cross species transmission (Homo Habilis or Paranthropus Boisei).
2.6 m y a - Mode One Stone Tools found in Ethiopia, would subsequently spread. Flourished to 1.7 million y a in southern and eastern Africa. Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) Era (2.6 m y a till end of last Ice Age, 11,000 y a). Subdivided into the Early- or Lower Palaeolithic (c. 2,6 million years ago - c. 250,000 years ago); the Middle Palaeolithic (c. 250,000 years ago - c. 30,000 years ago); and the Late- or Upper Palaeolithic (c. 50,000/40,000 - c. 10,000 years ago
2.58 million - 11,700 years ago - Considered the start of the Quaternary Period, and covers the Pleistocene.
2 m years ago - Earliest Hominids start eating meat.
1.89 m y a - Earliest evidence of Homo Erectus (first to leave Africa and spread across Asia).
1.8 m years ago - Mode One Stone Tools found on Java.
1.7 m years ago - Mode Two Stone Tools (slicing, butchering, evidence of drilling tools) appear in Kenya and southern Africa.
1.6 m years ago - Mode One Stone Tools found in northern China.
1.6 - 1.5 m y a - Africa, Turkana Boy dies, likely from a tooth cavity infection. He was either 8 or 11-12 years old and 61 inches tall. Brain 880 ccm.
1.5 m y a - Kenya, possible start of Hominids using fire to cook food. (increase in caloric intake, which would lead to evolution; however, Paranthropus Boisei is the local species, brain 500-550 ccm, 54 inches tall)
1 million years ago - Likely split between ancestor of Homo Sapiens and proto-Neanderthal-Denisovan species. (Mitochondrial DNA evidence.) South Africa, evidence of fire use for cooking.
1 m - 700,000 y a - Java, Java Man dies, brain 900 ccm. 5' 8" tall.
820,000 - 580,000 y a - Durum Wheat develops out of natural hybridization with Einkorn Wheat (genetic analysis).
800,000? y a - Low world temperatures recorded. Height of Ice Age?
790,000 y a - Levant, oldest Fire hearths found. (Homo Heidelbergensis, 1,250 ccm brain, 69 in tall)
740,000? y a - Height of Ice Age?
640,000? y a - Height of Ice Age.
550,000? y a - Height of Ice Age?
540,000 - 430,000 y a - Art: Sea shell formed into decoration by Homo Erectus. (Could indicate when sea shells began to be used as whistles and horns.)
530,000? y a - Interglacial Peak (between Ice Ages, high CO2 content in the atmosphere, 524-474,000).
500,000 y a - South Africa, evidence of Spears. (Would become common 300,000 years ago.)
450,000 y a - Earliest evidence of Neanderthal.
450,000 y a - Global temperatures had dropped, stayed that way for thousands of years.
430,000 - 230,000 y a - Durum Wheat cross-breeds with wild Goat Grass (genetic analysis).
400,000 y a - Interglacial Peak (between Ice Ages, 424-374,000).
400,000 y a - Germany, oldest Spears found. France (Terra Amata), possible evidence of manmade shelter using prepared wood.
360,000? y a - Height of Ice Age.
310,000 y a - Interglacial Peak (between Ice Ages, 337-300,000).
300,000 y a - Kenya, oldest evidence of Ochre rocks being used for pigment.
300,000-200,000 y a - Origin of Male Y-Chromosome that all current males are descended from. (40% of males do not reproduce.)
270,000? y a - Height of Ice Age.
240,000 y a - Interglacial Peak (between Ice Ages, 242–230,000).
200,000 y a - France, evidence of Neanderthals fishing. "Mitochondrial Eve," source of all Human Haplo-groups that everyone is descended from, existed at this time. Scientists think that language with well formed, meaningful sentences was achieved (migration patterns, anatomy, tool making; some argue that truly modern language is 50,000 years old).
194,000-135,000 y a - Penultimate Glacial Period.
190,000 y a - Early evidence of Denisovans. (At least three interbreeding events would occur with Homo Sapiens. EPAS1 gene, hemoglobin concentration, Tibetan plateau.)
190,000-50,000 y a - Flores Island, evidence of tool use by the Human Hobbit.
170,000 - 80,000 y a - Body Lice evolve (genetic evidence, feed on human skin, live in clothing; evidence of clothing)
140,000 y a - Homo Sapiens found in Europe.
130,000 y a - Evidence of humans in North America. Crete, earliest human settlements found on the island. Art: Neanderthal necklace made of eagle talons. Croatia: Neanderthal teeth show possible dental work.
125,000 y a - Interglacial Peak (between Ice Ages, 130-115,000). Sea levels 4-6 meters (18 feet) higher then today.
110,000-15,000 y a - Last Glacial Period.
100,000-60,000 y a - Flores Island, bone fossil evidence of the Human Hobbit.
100,000 y a - Oldest example of proper human burial. South Africa, Blombos Cave, pigment (paint) creation kit found; possible oldest evidence of abstract art.
75,000 years ago - Likely rise of Hunter Genotype in Homo Sapiens.
75,000 y a - Art: Drilled snail shells found in South African cave.
73,000 y a - South Africa (Blombos Cave), evidence of Red Ochre art on pieces of stone, stone with deliberate lines cut into it possibly representing count marks.
72,000 y a - South Africa, Beads found in cave.
70,000 y a - Mitochondrial DNA suggests this is when the Haplo-group of early humans migrated out of Africa to populate the rest of the world. Earliest evidence of Glue (sticky tree gum, ochre rocks, fat cooked over fire).
70-60,000 y a - Earliest evidence of bone and stone arrowheads, found in South Africa. 64,000?
70,000 - 35,000 BCE - Neanderthal burials in Europe and Middle East.
67,000 BCE - France, burial shows skulls with trepanation (cutting holes to relieve brain pressure), earliest example of surgery.
65,000 y a - First humans settle Australia.
64,000 y a - Spain, oldest evidence found of cave art (Neanderthal hand).
61,000 y a - South Africa, possible evidence of a Sewing Needle.
60,000? y a - Height of Ice Age?
60,000 y a - Evidence of man/Neanderthal using herbal medicine.
55,000 - 40,000 y a - Italy, evidence of Neanderthal using Pine Tree Resin and Beeswax for hafting tools, in cave.
52,000 y a - Last evidence of Denisovans.
52-41,000 y a - France, Neanderthal site, bast (tree inner fiber) yarn found (evidence of basic math and organizational skills for patterns and sets, clothing, nets, tools)
50,000 - 10,000 y a - Mode Four Stone Tools (long blades).
50,000 y a - Austrailia, last evidence of megafauna. Siberia, needle made from bone found with Denisovan cave.
50,000 years ago - End point of development of Gatherer genotype (can survive famine), Teacher (can handle new and different environments, analytical).
45,000 y a - Evidence of Neanderthal and Homo Sapien interbreeding. (Fossil found, DNA tested.)
44,000 y a - Evidence of art found in Indonesia.
44,000-40,000 y a - Europe experiences cold and dry weather, displacing populations.
43-42,000 y a - Germany, oldest musical instruments (flutes) found.
42,000 y a - Australia, skeleton of man suggests Atlatl use, pre-dating earliest evidence; earliest example of cremation found. Spain, small amounts of Natural Gold found in a cave.
40,000 y a - Last evidence of Neanderthal. (Inheritance of "STAT2" gene, immune response. HYAL2 gene, helps skin recover from sunburns.) China, test on body found that ate a lot of fresh water fish.
40,000 - 26,000 y a - Studying toe bones, showed they became smaller and weaker, indicating shoes were worn. Prior to this, shoes were likely bags wrapped around feet to protect from cold.
38,000 BC - First appearance of Mode Five ground stone tools on Japan. (rock was quarried; thin slivers of flint stone, attached to hafts, man is learning the use of a "handle" for tools and "leverage", create adzes, celts, and axes; grinding helps to penetrate trees and was likely discovered when grinding plant matter; found buried with owners; were traded) Lasted till 14,000 BC. (Would not become popular elsewhere until 10,000 BC?) Germany: clay figurine featuring human with lion like appearance, thought to be earliest representation of a deity.
40,000 y a - (Mankind is at the “Forager” level.) Possible example of oldest petroglyphs. Beads found in Lebanon.
35,000 BCE - Europe, earliest examples of "Venus figurines" found buried in graves (some showing they were deliberately broken or stabbed repeatedly); would later spread to rest of Eurasia. Early examples of skulls and long bones showing red ochre, indicating possible relic worship.
35,000 y a - Germany, flute made from a vulture bone found.
31,000 - 27,000 y a - Evidence of Pit Fire (Earthernware) Pottery developing.
30,000-20,000 years ago - Explorer genotype (Ice Age refugees, idiosyncratic, asymmetrical, contrarian mentality)
30-15,000 y a - DNA evidence of Denisovan interbreeding with Homo Sapiens.
30,000 y a - Evidence of starch residue on rocks, indicating where plant matter was pounded and ground. (Would likely be the pre-cursor of developing bread from roots of cattails and ferns. Quern Grinding Stones would spread and gain popularity) Georgia, Flax used as a textile (harvested, dyed, and knotted) found in Dzudzuana Cave. Fertile Crescent, Einkorn wheat harvested in it's wild form. Evidence of man using the Atlatl. Poland: Boomerang carved from mammoth tusk found.
28,000 y a - Europe, oldest evidence of rope.
25,000 - 15,000 BCE - Blood Type A develops in the Fertile Crescent.
27,000 y a - Australia, oldest example of petroglyphs found. Czech Republic, earliest example of "Weaving" of material together to create baskets and basic cloth.
26,000-13,300 y a - Considered "Glacial Maximum", ice sheets extend to the 45th parallel north. (26,500 considered to be maximum glacial reach.)
23,000 - 12,000 y a - Perforated Batons found, made of antler, assumed to be a form of Atlatl that uses a leather strap or string to wrap around the spear and give it a slight spin, arrow or spear thrower (similar to Swiss Arrow). Right and left handed throwers find preference. Most carved with Horses, have one or two holes (one had 8 holes).
23,000 y a - Israel, Ohalo archaeological site, hunter-gatherer society that grew/harvested barley, millet, and various fruits.
21,000-17,000 y a - France, Atlatl's found in caves.
20,000 y a - Height of the Ice Age, sea levels 120 meters (360 feet) lower. Earliest example of a building/house found. Ukraine, Bullroarer (wood on rope that is swung around to create sound over long distance) found.
19,050? - 13,050 y a - Oldest Dryas Period, stadial, abrupt cooling period. Sea levels rose 10-15 m in 500 years.
17,000 BCE - Mesopotamia, Wild Emmer Wheat harvested.
18,000 - 17,500 y a - Siberia, earliest example of a domesticated dog found frozen. Germany, Bow and Arrows found. Early evidence of Darts used.
18,000 y a - Japan, oldest pottery discovered.
15,100 - 14,000 y a - Morocco, earliest example of a cemetery.
15,000 y a - Southern France, cave art depicting possible Musical Bow, Nose Flute; "The Sorcerer," a figure showing human and many animal qualities.
14,500 y a - Oldest example of bread making, Jordan desert.
14,160 - 13,820 y a - Archaeological find: infected tooth partially cleaned out with flint tools.
14,600 - 13,600 y a - "Melt Water Pulse," sea levels rose 16-24 m.
14,000? y a - Older Dryas Period, around 200 year cooling period.
13,500 - 8,200 y a - China, wild Rice domestication event occurs.
15-10,000 BCE - Himalayas, development of Blood Type B.
12,000 - 9000 BCE - Mesolithic Era (Middle Stone Age)
11,050 BCE - Syria, attempts at domesticating Rye.
13,000 y a - Greece, evidence of lentils found. Earliest evidence of Amber used in jewelry. Israel, archaeological evidence of beer like gruel for ceremonial purposes found at Haifa. Likely beginning of Slavery.
13,000 - 12,700 y a - Fertile Crescent, archaeological evidence of man corralling and using pigs.
12,900 - 11,700 y a - The Younger Dryas Period, when temperatures went cold instead of warming from the Last Glacial Maximum. Started when a massive fresh water lake in North America flooded into the Atlantic Ocean.
10,000 BCE - Jericho, considered mankind's first town, is established. Buildings of clay and straw, dead buried under homes. (Would reach 70 dwellings by 94,000 BCE.) Chickpeas domesticated. (Mode Five Ground stone tools become popularly used across the Neolithic?) Earliest evidence of the Bottle Gourd being domesticated and used (Africa and Asia variety). Azerbaijan (Caspian Sea), petroglyphs of reed boats. Starting point of Ocarina type flutes.
11,700 y a - Considered the beginning of the Holocene.
9600 BCE - Southern Levant, earliest use of wild Emmer Wheat.
11,500 - 11,000 y a - "Melt Water Pulse," sea levels rose 28 m.
11,400 y a - Cyrpress, archaeological evidence of pigs (indicating they had been domesticated and brought from the mainland).
9400 - 9200 BCE - Jordan Valley, Fig trees found, indicating earliest agriculture since these trees could not reproduce.
9130 - 7370 BCE - SE Turkey, Gobekli Tepe, oldest known worship location.
9000 BCE - Syria, oldest (Saddle) Quern found. Mesopotamia, Copper first used.
9000 - 3300 BCE - Neolithic Era, roughly. Time period of when man has begun herding, before using bronze.
11,000 - 9,000 y a - Mesopotamia, domestication of Sheep; Rammed Earth construction technique developed.
11,000-4,000 years ago - Warrior genotype (farmers, soldiers, inventors); Nomad genotype (life upon a horse, can handle different environments, good immune system)
11 or 10,000 y a - Last Ice Age ends.
8800 BCE - Emmer Wheat spreads beyond the Levant.
8700 BCE - Iraq, Copper pendant.
8500 BCE - Domestication of Barley. Domestication of peas occurs around this time. Turkey, Beer production found at Gobekli Tepe. Domestication of Cattle from the Aurochs (two separate populations, one in Mesopotamia, the other Pakistan). Oregon, oldest pair of shoes found made from bark twine. Oats possibly start to be harvested, crop mirrors wheat (is like a weed).
10,300 - 8,700 y a - China, Millet harvested.
10,200 - 9,500 y a - Emmer Wheat domesticated(?).
10,000 - 7,000 y a - Archaeological evidence of boats.
8000 BCE (10,000 years ago) - Palestine, archaeological evidence of pastoralism. Pre-Pottery Neolithic people in the Fertile Crescent form perfectly smooth stone vases. Iran, Goat domestication. Believed to be when primitive dairy-cheese making began. Flax cultivation. China, Quern Grinding Stones.
78-5,000 y a - SE Turkey, Einkorn Wheat grown and domesticated.
9,500 y a - Cyprus, earliest evidence of cat domestication. SE Anatolia, cold-working, annealing, smelting, lost wax casting of Copper.
7500 - 5700 BCE - Anatolia, Catal Hoyuk develops as a spiritual center, found many clay figurines and impressions (feminine, phallic, hunting).
7400 BCE - A monolith ends up submerged in the Straight of Sicily.
7000 BCE - Archaeological evidence for pastoralism in Africa. China: evidence of mead (honey, rice, water fermented) in pottery; evidence of musical instruments. India, first archaeological evidence of Dance, cave art; evidence of dentistry. Armenian Highlands, art depictions of Cymbals. Durum Wheat made thru artificial selection in Europe and Near East. Greece, earliest evidence of grain silos. Turkey, Catal Hoyuk, art depiction of a Slinger.
7000 - 6600 BCE - China, domestication of Soy beans.
7000 - 6000 BCE - Turkey, domestication of Bitter Vetch. (Too bitter for human consumption without being boiled several times, has been found to be great for cattle feed.)
6500-3800 BCE - Ubaid Period (Mesopotamian citystates rise, evidence of specialized workers, evidence of taxation)
6500 BCE - Turkey, evidence of lead smelting at Catal Hoyuk. (Wrapping the dead in textiles, too.) China, archaeological evidence of Silk. Kosovo, oldest Ocarina found in Europe.
8,200 - 7,600 y a - Sea levels rise rapidly. Linked to North American great fresh water lake (Agassiz, Ojibway) sudden draining into Atlantic Ocean. 8,400 y a?
6050 BCE - Moldova, evidence of man extracting salt from a natural spring.
8,000 y a - Western Europe, white skin first appears. Iran: earliest evidence of irrigation; man starts choosing sheep for their wooliness, not just meat and skin (2-3,000 years later, would start wearing wool). Georgia, earliest evidence of wine. Spain, cave painting shows people collecting honey from a wild hive, using a container to hold. China, Buckwheat cultivated (near Tibetan plateau). Earliest evidence of the Ard Plow used. Mediterranean, Broad (Fava) Beans, Broccoli. Portugal: Almendres Cromlech, begins, aligned to equinox and solstice, occupied for 2,000 years, would become largest complex in Iberian peninsula, equal to other large complexes in Europe. Anatolia: Obsidian polished into mirrors. Spelt Wheat appears. First Stone hafted Axes.
6000 - 3500 BC - Mesopotamia (Sumer), Poppy domesticated.
7500 y a - Earth experiences a cold climate period? Lasts for 500 or more years.
7500 y a - Earliest example of chickpeas being used. Poland, archaeological evidence of cheese making. Ukraine, Romania, earliest examples of traps used for hunting.
7,000 y a - Earliest example of Dolmen, single chamber tomb, consists of two stones supporting another on top (table design), found in western Europe, would spread and be common 4000 - 3000 BCE in Europe.
6950 - 6440 y a - Papua New Guinea, cultivation of Taro and Yam.
6,500 y a - Croatia, earliest example of an oven found. Slovenia, dental filling made with beeswax.
5600 BCE - Evidence of The Black Sea Flood, turning the fresh water lake into a salt water sea, rose shorelines and displaced populations (source of flood myths in religions).
5500 BCE - Pakistan, evidence of Cotton found in copper beads. Egypt, earliest Combs found (placing a leaf in the teeth can create a primitive sound instrument).
5500-5000 BCE - Serbia, Copper Smelting.
5200 - 4700 BCE - Iran, earliest evidence of a wheel, for pottery, made of stone or clay.
5000 BCE - Iranian plateau, evidence of Bronze made with naturally occurring arsenic. Tin would replace as the major ingredient (and releasing non-toxic vapors) in the late 3000 BCE period. Iran, evidence of wine found, using sealed containers. China, Hemp domestication (smoking was likely cause for spread, Iron Age would use for production); Rammed Earth construction technique. Egypt, Badarian culture starts farming, used boomerangs. Roundels, circular enclosure often with entrances aligned to solstice, would be constructed in Central Europe (Germany, 120-150 altogether). Siberia, oldest carpet found (likely a funeral gift, from Armenia, featured griffons). Mesopotamia: first use of Stamp Seals for government purposes; Rotary Quern milling stones are introduced. Armenia: possible origin of Apricots. Lake Zurich, cultivation of Pear.
4800 BCE - Egypt, early evidence of peas being grown. Cairn of Barnenez, Brittany, England, begins (burial monument and later bronze age use, considered one of the oldest and largest man made structures).
4700 - 4200 BCE - The town of Solnitstata, considered the oldest known settlement in Europe. Built around a salt deposit.
4500 BCE - Indus Valley, irrigation. Wine production reaches Greece. Carnac Stones, Brittany, France; would become large complex of standing stones, menhirs, domens, tumuli (burial mounds, with passage tombs), large rectangle formed by stone.
4500-4000 BCE - China, Investment Casting develops.
4200 - 4000 BCE - Mesopotamia develops true, easy to spin pottery wheels.
4000 BCE - (Mankind has achieved “Farmer status.”) Egyptians start building big Brick structures; manufacturing Papyrus; Gold artifacts. Earliest examples of Kilns. NE Italy, archaeological find of Appleseeds. Sicily, evidence of wine found. Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Horse domestication begins. Thought to be when Cattle were turned into Ox for Draft Animal purposes. Pontic Language Explosion. [People from north of the Caspian and Black Seas migrated around Eurasia, ancestor of western languages. (shared origins with: milk, horses, sheep, cattle, pigs, goats, grain, copper, carts, yoke, weaving, mead; patrilineal clans)]. Earliest examples of Viticulture (wine making). Levant, earliest examples of harvesting Olives; start using grain Silos. Art: Earliest depiction of Shoes, Sandals. China: example of a Loom for Silk production; Ramie (similar to flax, requires chemical processing, not as popular, believed to be used for Egyptian mummy wraps). Persia (Iran), Mung Bean domestication?, Chang (precursor to Harp) found on artwork, made with sheep guts. Mesopotamia: Stamp Seals come into use; Mirrors made of Copper; earliest pipes for moving water. Europe, farming reaches northern regions. Anatolia, Silver production.
4000 - 1000 BCE - Ethiopia, Teff is discovered (can feed people and livestock, building material).
6,000 y a - Earth experiences a cold climate period? (Starting maybe 500 years earlier and ending 500 years later.)
3800 - 3500 BCE - Czech Republic, possible evidence of earliest plowed fields.
5,700 y a - Lolland Island, a blue eyed, dark haired, dark skin woman spits out some Birch Bark gum. Oldest complete human genome extracted. Had Mononucleosis ("kissing disease"). Possible archeological evidence of pit traps used for migrating animal hunting.
3630 BCE - Oldest example of silk fabric found.
5,500 - 4,700 y a - Georgia, tomb found had honey remains on pottery. (This culture could identify Linden, Berry, and Meadow-Flower varieties.)
3500 BCE - City of Uruk: (Mesopotamia) begins outward expansion and influence, later first example of organized warfare (would influence Egyptians to start building pyramids); "Cylinder Seals," a type of noble seal, that can be rolled unto wet clay (would be popular until 1000 BCE). Iraq, Kish Tablet, considered to represent the early transition from pictographic to cuneiform. Mesopotamia, earliest Harps and Lyres found; Gold artifacts. Modern humans settle the western coast of Europe, hunter-gatherers. Egyptians show Cat domestication; Gold Smelting; used a vertical Gnomon as a primitive Sundial? Iran, Beer made from Barley. Armenia, earliest Leather Shoe found. China, Pottery in shape of silkworm indicates earliest example of Sericulture (silk worm production).
3500 - 3350 BCE - Mesopotamia, earliest evidence of wheeled vehicles. Indus Valley civilization uses Stamp Seals with a type of script.
3400 BCE (5,400 years ago) - First metal casting. France, Cow skull showing Trepanation found.
5,400 -5,100 y a - Itzi the Iceman dies in the mountains of Northern Italy. Had a copper axe. Earliest evidence of tattoos. Shoes made from two types of animal skin (bear and deer). Arsenic residue in his hair.
3300 BCE - Egypt, tomb paintings show people Dancing.
3200 BCE - Examples of using symbols to represent real life objects (would go to form written language). Ireland, construction begins on Newgrange, largest passage tomb in Europe, aligned to winter solstice. Egypt, Bead made of Meteoric Iron found.
3100 - 2900 BCE - Jemdet Nasr period, following fall of Uruk, would be known as establishing Cuneiform as a proper language.
3100 BCE - Upper and Lower Egypt unified. Mesopotamia, likely evidence of the earliest Lute type device.
3000 BCE - Onset of Bronze. Mesopotamia, Irrigation; Glass Beads appear (possible side effect of making metal); possible earliest Iron working. Sumer, Medical text found on tablet, believed oldest ever found. Egypt, first record of a Doctor named, Imhotep; Antimony harvested from rock and made into eye makeup; earliest evidence of domestic Donkeys in the south. Dromedary Camels likely domesticated in Somalia at this time. (Camel hair can be harvested for shelter and clothing, outer guard hairs make for water proof coats. Camel milk readily turns into yogurt. To turn into butter requires a clarifying agent and extended process.) Chicken reaches Europe from Asia. England, earliest Stone Circles found. Slovakia, Romania, earliest chainmail found. Sheep chosen for wooly coat, not long hair. China, Clay Bells found. India, River Buffalo domesticated (water buffalo); Jute grown for fiber (burlap). Northern Iran, earliest examples of Trumpets. SE Asia, earliest records of Radish.
2800 BCE - Solid evidence of plowed fields. China, Copper smelting discovered. Sumer, Battle Wagons (4 wheels, likely evolved into a Battle Cart, and later into Chariot).
2700 BCE - Chinese treatise on health. 40 kinds identified.
2650 BCE - Egypt, dental work found.
2630-10 BCE - Egypt, Pyramid of Djoser constructed by Imhotep, considered first.
2600 - 1900 BCE - Indus Valley, Stoneware Pottery (meaning fired at 1000 degrees Celsius), would become a major industry.
2560 BCE - Great Pyramid of Giza completed.
2500 BCE - Evidence of The Amber Road, trade route from the Baltic Sea to Mediterranean Sea. E Iran, Bactrian Camels domesticated. Iraq, "Lyres of Ur," considered world's oldest stringed instruments. Peru, oldest Sling ever found. Egypt, earliest depiction of a Khopesh (sword).
2500 - 2000 BCE - Mali, domestication of Pearl Millet. Turkey, Meteoric Iron dagger.
2400 BCE - Sumer, description of Prostitution and a Brothel-Temple to Fertility Goddess.
2300 BCE - Mesopotamia, Urukagina of Lagash, considered the earliest Law Code. (Widows and orphans exempt from taxes, state pays for funeral expenses, the rich must pay in silver and cannot force the poor against will, checked power of priests, protect from usury, abolished polyandry). Iran, Quince (fruit). China, oldest Gnomon (painted stick that casts a shadow for sundial purpose).
2200 BCE - China, first known tax, using salt.
2200-2000 BCE - Turkey, Iron Smelting.
2100 - 2050 BCE - City of Ur: Earliest written Code of Law discovered. References Butter. (Fines for bodily harm, references murder, robbery, adultery, rape. Two classes of people: free and slave.)
4000 - 3000 y a - Mesopotamia, earliest Scissors (shear, spring type). India, Mung Bean domesticated.
2000 BCE - Murals show horses pulling chariots. Horses become common in western Europe. England, Great Orme Mine started, would become largest copper mine in region (most productive between 1700 - 1400 BCE), used bone and stone tools. China, Bells made out of metal (Bellfounding); domestication of the Swamp Buffalo (water buffalo). Ghana, earliest evidence of Cowpea (black eyed pea). India, Canola/Rapeseed. Egypt, Lupin Beans. Greece, Kale grown. Pakistan, Harappa, earliest sanitation in housing.
1800 BCE - Egypt, medical text on gynecological issues; Safflower for pigment. India, Iron working.
1754 BCE - Code of Hammurabi (recognized Prostitution and gave women protection and inheritance; theorized that a fertility goddess had a temple that offered sex workers).
1700 - 1200 BCE - (Late Bronze Age) 8 societies in Middle East: Aegean, Egyptian, Hittite, Canaanite, Cypriot, Mitanni, Assyrian, Babylonian. Considered a "globalized world system." Next time this would occur is today.
1700 BCE - The "Mari Letters" reference Minoan society, King Hammurabi.
1650 BCE - Greece, earliest chariots found.
1628 BCE - Island of Thera/Santorini experiences huge volcanic eruption, possibly causing a tsunami thru eastern Europe.
1600-1500 BCE - Greece, Helmet formed of boar tusks found.
1500 BCE - Modern Trumpet design found in eastern Mediterranean. India, Pigeon Pea domesticated. Egypt, Mercury found in tombs; archaeologists find earliest Sundials found. China, Water Clocks.
1400 BCE - Syria, Hurrian Songs, cuneiform music tablet in Ugarit. Greece, oldest body armor found, made of bronze, Dendra Panoply. China, Meteoric Iron axeheads. Art representation of Scale Mail in Egypt. Art: representation of Shields.
1350 BCE - Turkey, Hittites chronicle Egyptian prisoners of war bringing "the plague.”
1300 BCE - Uluburun Shipwreck, off coast of Turkey, had 300 sixty pound copper ingots (10 tons), 1 ton of tin, and tin objects and ingots of colored glass (blue, rose, brown). From Cypress/Minoa.
1300? - 900? BCE - Eastern Mediterranean experiences a 300? year drought. (Could also be: Cypress 1200- 850. Syria 1250-1187. Galilee 1250-1100)
1279 BCE - Battle of Qadesh (Egypt vs Hittites).
1200 BCE (3,200 years ago) - Onset of Iron smelting. Earliest Camel saddles appear. Last appearance of Megaliths. India, earliest evidence of Firewalking.
1200 BCE - Eastern Mediterranean civilization collapse. Drought in Greece. Earthquake series.
1188-1177 BCE - Egypt suffers invasions from "The Sea People."
1185 BCE - Syria, Ugarit Letter, Famine.
1140? BCE - Ramses 6th, mummy found to have small pox. No record of people dying from small pox.
1100 BCE - Phoenicians establish nation. Europe, Iron Age.
1100? BCE - Earth experiences a cold temperature period?
1100-750 BCE - Egypt, Iron Smelting.
1070 BCE - Egyptian mummy found with Silk in hair, earliest evidence of Silk Road.
1000 BCE - Early Cuneiform script (late stages, still pictograph in nature). Bactria, Barbat (primitive lute). Egypt, Kenaf is grown for fibers, leaves can be eaten by animals and humans (similar to Jute and Hemp; rope, rough fabric, sails). Mediterranean, Cabbage domesticated. China, Iron Age.
930 BCE - Camel bones found in Arabian peninsula. Jordan, earliest Bloomery for Iron working found.
800 - 600 BCE - Ethiopia, Sorghum Wheat begins to be harvested.
800 BCE - Considered the beginning of Ancient Greece, after the Mycenae Civilization. China, Bloomeries used.
700-500 BCE - The Illiad composed.
700 BCE - Turkey, first Coins in Lydia. Assyria, first equipment recognized as a Saddle for a Horse.
600 BCE - Earliest example of a Steel Sword.
600-400 BCE - Ancient Greece rise of scientific inquiry and philosophy
550 BCE - The Illiad written down.
500 BCE - Camels used in warfare. Persians use kettle drums for military maneuvers, frighten enemies. Greece, Grape Syrup, early form of sweetener and preservative. Blackberries consumed around Europe. Spain, Disk Quern developed.
400 BCE - The "Celts/Gaeil" settle Ireland.
396 BCE - Olympics, horn blowing competitions.
314 BCE - China, first mention of Sweet Orange.
298 BCE - Foot powered Loom.
200 BCE - China starts making paper.
100 CE - Sorghum Wheat domesticated. Mediterranean, Cauliflower.
400 CE - Bellfounding comes to Europe.
800 CE - Start of most recent Interglacial peak period.
1200 CE (800 years ago) - First Cannon foundry. Europe, first Paper mills.
1250 - 1850 CE - Earth experiences a small Ice Age.
1500 CE - Concept of Religion becomes clearly defined.
1650 CE - Pendulum Clock.
1750 CE - France, Strawberry grown in garden. Barbados, Grapefruit.
1760 CE - Bat guano begins showing increased levels of lead, indicating the Industrial Revolution.
1880 CE (140 years ago), Carnegie steel erects skyscrapers.
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2020.09.17 21:45 ar_david_hh Sep/17/2020 news: \\ TUMO expansion: labs & nano-tech \\ anti-corruption: officials to disclose purchases \\ oppo vs govt: verbal battle \\ busted: rector & cops \\ clinics+ \\ PM intervenes \\ COVID is back? \\ tourism sights \\ Human Capital Index \\ bills pass: free lawyer, genocide calls \\ debt

TUMO high-tech school to expand / Labs / Nano-tech / Programming / Science

Education Ministry gave a 15,000m2 land in Yerevan to TUMO so it can build an engineering and scientific facility.
Education Minister Harutyunyan: // the new labs will examine nano-technologies, biotech, and artificial intelligence.
Other universities can build their own specialized labs in TUMO and cooperate with TUMO's labs, under the condition that everyone will share all labs. Adults only.
They'll teach programming to non-programmers by using a French school's curriculum. Students of all ages are welcome.
A French university's programming faculty will be established in this building.
The construction begins in 2021 and ends in 2023. The facility will be self-financed a few years later. //

Parliament voted not to discuss Education Minister's resignation

Here is a context in case you missed the fight between opposition parties and Education Minister Harutyunyan:

Pashinyan joins Education Minister to roast Tsarukyan

Context: yesterday the "traditionalist" opposition politicians accused Education Minister Harutyunyan of harming the Armenian language, church, history, etc. because they disagree with the upcoming major reforms. The argument heated and the Minister said you can't rape women in church then talk about the church (hinting to BHK leader Tsarukyan's rape conviction).
Pashinyan today: // it's hard not to agree with the Minister. At first, you as a sergeant of police forces invite foreign women to show them a church, then you group-rape the guests and mug them. Then you engage in the protection of national values and identity. A true "patriotism". //

Tsarukyan roasts back

Tsarukyan responds: // I think it's time to amend the Constitution to clearly state that people with serious mental problems should not have the right to hold high political positions and endanger the public. //
Context: it's aimed at Pashinyan. Possibly related to the former regime's media circulating rumors that Pashinyan was exempt from military service due to mental problems. The record, however, shows he was exempt because two of his brothers had already served, which disqualified him.
Former regime also spread unverified Telegram rumors that Pashinyan went to a psychiatric clinic in 2019 and they even gave a specific doctors' name. Fact-checkers found it to be false; the doctor wasn't even in Armenia.

Ruling MPs respond to Tsarukyan / Minister's past

QP MP Alen Simonyan: // I'm confident that Tsarukyan's post about mental disorder was aimed at a fellow BHK MP Gevorg Petrosyan [the overly-traditionalist and anti-gay dude]. There are reports that he had mental problems dating back to the time when he was the Labor & Social Affairs Minister. His mental problem is why he had to leave the position after only holding the position for a few months. I'm sure the decision to replace him was made by Tsarukyan, who is currently trying to pretend to be a politician. //

BHK replies / they didn't joke about amending Constitution

BHK MP Iveta: // whoever that [mental health Facebook] post was aimed at has understood it was for them. No doubt QP MP Alen has a vivid imagination [about it being aimed at BHK Minister]. We're serious about amending the Constitution to block officials with serious mental problems. //

QP isn't joking, either / a bill already exists

QP MP Kristine: // then perhaps BHK should join and support the bill I introduced in 2019 which would require mental tests for MP candidates. If Parliament MPs elect a prosecutor who has to undergo a mental evaluation, why shouldn't MPs themselves undergo one?
BHK was against this bill. At the time, they said it was discriminatory and that anyone should be able to become MP. They must have had a change of mind since then. Maybe they'll support it now. //

QP summoned a meeting

The ruling party held a large meeting this evening. The PM, Governors, and Ministers were present. It wasn't over the spat with Tsarukyan.
Some QP MPs will resign to get a job at the government. There might be other rotation.

anti-corruption reform: purchases by public officials could be monitored

Justice Minister Badasyan introduced a draft bill to amend the law to require public officials to disclose [in annual declaration form] any purchases larger than $4,000, or if a collection of similar purchases exceed $6,000 (so officials won't split the same purchase into smaller pieces to hide).
Moreover, the newly established Corruption Prevention Commission would be allowed to request an explanation if the official gains large properties within 2 years of leaving the office.
The definition of a luxury property would lower from $16,000 to $8,000 so more properties would need to be declared.

should city council members also disclose their properties?

Another anti-corruption reform will require municipality councilmen to file the aforementioned declarations.
LHK is against this because "it adds extra burden on councilmen so the cities could lose valuable councilmen who can't manage to handle their work and file papers at the same time. It already takes a great amount of effort to convince some good councilmen to work."
QP countered LHK's argument with, "it doesn't matter that good councilman volunteer their time for the city. If they are public officials and make decisions for the public, they should file paperwork to reduce corruption."
One of these logics is simp while the other is chad. You decide...

former Yerevan State University rector is charged with embezzlement

Aram Simonyan is accused of embezzlement and/or waste. It's related to the Feb/19/2019 investigation in which he was accused of taking $10,000 in bribes. The SOC auditors had also discovered $830,000 in "damages" at the time.
It was later clarified that the new charges are about alleged embezzlement of $71,000 in 2015, which is part of that wider $830,000 corruption investigation done by SOC two years ago.
The former rector denied the accusations.

ex-police chief Gasparyan charged with assaulting a journalist

Vladimir Gasparyan is officially charged with assaulting Azatutyun journalists who were using a drone to film his Sevan beach-front mansion, which was built too close to the lake and is subject to partial removal.

investigators bust another police brutality case

This one involves a prominent weightlifter and international referee Armen Ghazaryan. He and another detainee were assaulted in a police station by a group of cops, say the investigators.

Hardline traditionalists vs Goerge Soros

Self-proclaimed hardcore traditionalists from "Kamq" group danced in front of the govt building and attempted to pour gasoline and burn Goerge Soros's dummy:

Air Force One painting

Some outlets circulated rumors that last month the PM's office spent $250,000 to paint Prime Minister's Airbus A319. The govt says it's "completely fake news".

the new judges took the oath

Three new Constitutional Court judges were earlier approved to fill the vacant seats in court. Today was the oath ceremony for two of them. They swore while in Parliament.

update: clothing import tariffs

Last week several clothing importer businesses protested the new law that will calculate border tariffs based on each imported item instead of the package's weight. Something about EAEU rules that were announced last year but was implemented now due to COVID delay.
Today the IRS and businesses met to discuss ways to ease the burden on businesses. They struck a cooperation deal.

COVID stats / schools / another wave coming?

4,319 tested in one day, the highest since July. +295 infected. +162 healed. +2 deaths. 3,232 active. 252,158 tested.
Pashinyan: although the daily tests have increased, the number of daily infections has increased too, crossing 200 again. The public should be concerned.
Healthcare Ministry: 7% of tested came positive. That's higher than before.
Pashinyan: I saw street traffic for the first time since March. Probably related to school reopening. Perhaps the uptick in infections is related to the shopping/social activities that happen before the school season.
Practically, masks are our only tool to fight the virus. The police should strictly enforce the mask law. Masks aren't for covering your chin, it's for your mouth and nose.
Healthcare Ministry: we predict a rapid spread of COVID. 1 patient will infect >1 healthy. Right now it's at 1.02, just days after it was less than 1. Wash your hands and keep a distance.

Coronawalrus forces Armenians to finally explore their country

Internal tourism boomed while air travel was banned. Here are some lesser-known sites that Armenians "discovered...
Tsiranavor church
... is in Ashtarak, Aragatsotn. The legend says 3 sisters fell in love with a dude named Sargis. The two elder sisters sacrifice themselves so the small sis will be happy with Sargis. They wear orange "tsirani" dress and jumped off a cliff, hence the name Tsiranavor. (FFS)
Dashtadem Castle
Located near Dashtadem, Aragatsotn, the castle was built on the 7th century on top of an ancient Urartian castle.
Agarak historical-cultural reserve
... is near Agarak, Aragatsotn. It's a rocky promontory of volcanic tuff protrusions (god bless google translate).
More in the link with maps and photos:

Yerevan's clinics are developing

As part of a plan to develop Yerevan clinics, which are often a subject of quality-related complaints, this year the city spent $415,000 (3x vs 2018) to buy medical equipment.
"Clinics should be good enough to prevent patients from ending up in hospitals," said Mayor Marutyan, "last year we purchased 325 pieces of equipment. This year it's 134. Five clinics will be renovated."

Pashinyan intervenes to extend Yolyan director's contract

Yolyan blood clinic's director was supposed to be laid off on October 1st due to the contract's expiration. Ministry said it was due to his retirement age. A group of doctors asked Pashinyan to extend the contract, or else they'd quit.
Today Pashinyan decided to extend his contract. He also criticized some of the doctors who "pressured him by threatening to quit and intentionally place cancer-patient children's lives at risk."

The discrimination of ethnic Armenians in Moscow continues

Moscow's largest Azeri-owned "Food City" bazaar still won't allow Armenian sellers to place an ad sign in their booths. Sellers complain it harms trade.
Truck drivers with Armenian license plates still aren't allowed to enter, although the bazaar administration left a "loophole" and allows trucks if the plates are covered.
Moscow authorities earlier claimed the conflict was "settled" but the sellers say otherwise.
The conflict between Food City and Armenians began after Azerbaijan lost the July Battles and Food City's Azeri owner got upset at ethnic Armenian civilians.

the fighter jets fly together

Pashinyan uploaded a video of all 4 SU-30SM fighter jets flying together for the first time during training.

making fighter jet flights safer

Today the govt approved a transaction to repair two pieces of technologies (PAR-10 and MRM-80) to make jet flights safer and good and bad weather conditions.

more families of deceased soldiers to get free lawyers

Parliament voted 120-1 to approve a BHK bill to expand the list of people who qualify for free legal services.
Until now, families of those who died from the enemy fire could get lawyers for free. With the new law, non-combat deaths will also qualify.
Presumably, this isn't only about legal services related to the soldier's death; it's in general. The families cannot use the free legal service for business disputes, trials in which the compensation sum is very large, etc.

inciting a genocide is now a felony crime

Parliament voted 121-0 to approve a QP bill to set an 8-10 year prison sentence for publicly and directly inciting a genocide.
10-14 years if it's done by a group with the help of mass media.
Up to life sentence if it's done by a group of public officials.

sports gambling offices will be 150 meters away from...

... schools, cultural-historical buildings, government buildings, etc.

gas explosion victims will get new apartments

A gas exploded in a Yerevan apartment complex a few weeks ago. 12 families were left homeless.
Today the govt decided to give them vouchers to buy new apartments. The subsidy is calculated based on the property's average price at $690/m2.
$378,000 will be spent for 12 families. They can spend all the aid on a "large" apartment, or they can buy a small one and keep part of the cash.

preparing for Sep-21 Independence Day celebrations

The national symphonic orchestra will perform in the evening on the roof of the Opera building. The orchestra uploaded a teaser photo that said "can you guess where we are right now?". (հետո էլ երաժիշտներց կռիշի փող կհավաքեն որ ջարդածը վերանորոգեն)
This year, too, the organizers will invite entrepreneurs as part of the "Մեր ժամանակների հերոսը" (hero of our times) program launched by Pashinyan last year. It's about encouraging startups. "The theme of celebrations is to honor the citizens of Armenia."
Elsewhere, the Armenia flag will be lit on the world's tallest Burj Khalifa building, and the Niagara falls.

Armenian wrestlers win 12 medals

... during an international competition in Belarus. 2 gold, 5 silver, 5 bronze, unlimited minutes and SMS.

Human Capital Index

Armenia has slightly improved its ranking in WorldBank's Human Capital Index among 174 countries.
"A baby born in Armenia today could expect to achieve just 58% of their potential human capital, relative to a benchmark of complete education and full health."

Foreign debt

Armenia's foreign debt was reducing until the pandemic arrived. There was a sharp increase in April, followed by a smaller monthly increase.
Today it's $6.057b compared to $5.700b in April.

Iranian company will build a trash facility in Hrazdan

As part of a 2016 agreement with the European Development Bank, Armenia will have a new trash collection facility in Hrazdan, with European standards.
Iranian Tunnel Sad Ariana won the auction for the contract after meeting the standards and offering the lowest price.

Metsamor nuclear power plant

The ongoing repairs are meant to extend its lifespan until 2026. Today Armenia held talks with the Russian RosAtom energy giant about the possibility to extend the reactor beyond 2026.

Armenian writings of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo used to write mysterious letters with both hands with each hand going in the opposite direction. He used to drop other mysterious bits and pieces to confuse the reader.
The dude also wrote an "Armenian letter" which depicts part of Armenia.

Armenian "Krisp" high-tech company

... made it in Forbes's top-20 "rising star" list. It uses AI to remove background noise and recently held a successful fundraiser.
You've read 2435 words. That's a lot. Have a sip ☕

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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2020.09.17 18:58 LandOwn9852 The Manuscripts of the New Testament (Bart D. Ehrman)

Before I start explaining what The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture was about, why I wrote it, what motivated me, and what I wanted to accomplish I (quite obviously, you may be noticing) have to provide a lot of background information. We’ve now moved on from talking about early Christian diversity (orthodoxy and heresy) and are now into discussing “textual criticism,” the academic discipline that tries to establish what an author actually wrote if you don’t have his original but only copies made from later times.
To set the stage for what I really want to talk about, first I have to summarize some of the most important information about the textual “witnesses” to the text of the New Testament. I won’t be going into this information at any serious length. We could have many, many, many posts on virtually every single detail that I mention. But trust me, you don’t want that.
There are three kinds of witnesses to the text of the New Testament, that is to say, three kinds of documents that can help us establish what the authors actually wrote.
First, obviously, are …THE REST OF THIS POST IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY. If you don’t belong yet, JOIN!!! Otherwise, you may never know!!!
First, obviously, are the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament. These are copies of the New Testament in the language in which the books were originally written, produced by later scribes, who were copying earlier copies that had been made by scribes who were copying earlier copies that were made by scribes…. well you get the point. We have in excess of 5600 whole or fragmentary of these copies. I’ll say more about them in a moment.
Second, we have ancient “versions” of the New Testament. These are translations of the New Testament from antiquity, into languages such as Latin, Syriac, Coptic, Ethiopic, Armenian, Gothic, Old Church Slavonic, and so on. We don’t have the “originals” of any of these translations, but only later manuscripts (in the case of the Latin, possibly as many as 10,000 copies!); but where we can use the surviving copies reconstruct what Greek text these versions were based on, then we would know what the Greek manuscripts copied by the translators looked like in the time and place they were doing their translations. This, obviously requires a good bit of technical linguistic skill.
Third, we have “Patristic evidence,” that is, the quotations of the New Testament by church fathers who were writing about a variety of things in which they cited the New Testament here and there. If you can see how a church father such as Didymus the Blind, in, say, the year 360 CE, quoted the Gospel of Matthew, then you could reconstruct (partially) what his Greek manuscript(s) of Matthew looked like at that time and place. Part of the problem is that we don’t have the originals of the church fathers’ writings either, but only later copies. This kind of evidence is tricky to use. It is what I wrote my doctoral dissertation on (specifically, on the quotations of the Gospels in the writings of Didymus). I’ll devote a couple of posts to it anon.

Everyone agrees that of all this evidence, the most important is the Greek manuscript tradition of the New Testament, so let me say a few things about that evidence here.
New manuscripts of the New Testament – always fragmentary, as it turns out – are being discovered all the time, a lot of them by my friend and occasional debate opponent Dan Wallace and his Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (see: ). Dan is a professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary. His Center is set up to photograph and so digitize all the surviving manuscripts of the New Testament, and in the process of traveling around the world to do so, he and his colleagues have discovered previously unknown manuscripts, some of which have not yet been catalogued.
The official cataloguing agency for New Testament manuscripts is in Münster, Germany and is called the Institute for New Testament Textual Research; it was started by a famous NT textual critic named Kurt Aland. It is the institute that gives all the surviving manuscripts their official “numbers.” For over more than the past 50 years, it has done the most significant work in studying the surviving textual witnesses of the NT (especially the Greek, Syriac, and Coptic witnesses). You can get a sense of their work at their website:
We have over 5600 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament that have been discovered and catalogued. These range in size from tiny fragments with a few words from a verse or two, to enormous full-length manuscripts of the entire New Testament.
These manuscripts are typically listed under four categories (the categories can be somewhat confusing because they are not arranged according to the same consistent criteria: some of them are based on the writing material used for the manuscript; some on the style of Greek handwriting; and some on the use for which the manuscript was designed – as I’ll explain below).
Papyri. These, as a rule (that is often broken) are our oldest surviving manuscripts. They are Greek manuscripts written on papyrus (rather than parchment/animal skin). We at present have 131 of these.
Majuscules (used to be called Uncials). These (some of which are older than some of the papyri) are Greek manuscripts written on parchment/animal skin using a large kind of letter, kind of like English capital letters (which are the kind of letters used for papyri as well!). These are our oldest non-papyri manuscripts At present we have 325 majuscule manuscripts
Minuscules. These are also written on parchment/animal skin, but not with majuscule letters but more with a kind of cursive style of writing that was easier and quicker for scribes to produce (and harder for most people today to read). We start getting minuscule manuscripts around the 7th century CE (some majuscules were produced after that date as well). We currently have 2925 minuscule manuscripts (actually, there may be a few more: I’m having trouble tracking down the precise number just now).
Lectionaries. These are also written on parchment/animal skin (usually) and are also almost always written with minuscule script, but they are not manuscripts that give an entire NT book or collection of books per se; they are books that take passages from one NT book or another and combine them together for worship services, so that on one day a passage from one book would be written; another day there would be a passage from another book; and so on. We currently have 2463 of these.
In my next post I’ll say more about these manuscripts and why they are both invaluable for scholarship and, in some ways, problematic.
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2020.09.16 20:26 ar_david_hh Sep/16/2020 news: \\ education reforms: Minister & opposition locked in a fierce battle \\ Pashinyan about judges, COVID \\ irrigated lands \\ drivers in Russia \\ USA trade \\ sheep production \\ ozone & nature \\ paternity leave \\ FDIC insurance \\ doctors protest \\ Hrant Dink \\ cattle cave \\

major bolola happened today

Education Minister Harutyunyan files lawsuit over "defamatory fake news"

As part of the 2019-ongoing political campaign against Education Minister Harutyunyan, several "traditionalist" opposition figures circulated rumors that the Ministry plans to use խուժան school books containing questionable and expletive content for "sexual education".
The Ministry said the circulated book was unrelated to the upcoming education reforms, and that they have no such plans. That didn't stop BHK leader Tsarukyan from claiming "look at how Ministry is brainwashing our kids with perverted sexual stuff" during his recent speech to supporters.
Today the Education Minister Harutyunyan decided to file a defamation lawsuit against those who claimed he was distributing those books. "The financial compensation will be used to buy furniture for one of the kindergartens."

ARF holds protests against Minister

ARF resumed the 2019 rallies against Harutyunyan. He is accused of harming traditional values, language, church, poor management, etc.

the protests reach Parliament

LHK party took the protest to Parliament building by hanging an anti-Harutyunyan poster on the main floor, after receiving permission from Speaker Mirzoyan. LHK joins ARF and BHK with the demand for Harutyunyan's resignation.
Ruling QP MPs trolled the poster by taking a photo with it because it contains the ruling party's "make a step" slogan.

Education Minister Harutyunyan fires back at critics / Discusses reforms

Minister Harutyunyan: // there are big reforms on the horizon, so certain political circles are concerned that the introduction of critical thinking in schools will take away their future "voter base".
Some "experts" who incorrectly characterized the history book reforms as "anti-Armenian" used to be fed by the former regime to write falsified materials that appeased the former regime. They've been cut off from the funding, so now they're upset. We involved many teachers and real experts during the development of the new curriculum.
the resignation calls
I won't meet activists whose only demand is my resignation. If there was a reason for my resignation I would do it in an instant. No such topic has been brought up during party talks.
I met the students who faced difficulties with new university admission rules, but unfortunately, some of them were influenced by political circles and had different motives behind complaints. I won't meet that specific group.
ruling MP's resignation
I haven't had discussions with [recently resigned QP MP and wrestler] Julfalakyan in months. [He resigned after having sports-related differences, allegedly with deputy Minister. Education Ministry includes Sports Ministry]. Julfalakyan could have used his right to raise a topic but we held 0 conversations.
the boxes
ARF gave me boxes so I could pack my personal items and leave. I could use those boxes to stuff them with materials about past corruption and send it back to ARF. [ARF responded saying the Minister only remembers about corruption when he's criticized.]
tuition aid?
We're currently discussing a possible COVID-related tuition subsidy for university students. We received a letter signed by 5,000 students yesterday. There might be a meeting with them soon.
So far we mass-tested 6,000 teachers before the school season. Only 1% had COVID. There will be unannounced visits to schools to make sure safety rules are respected.
school management
Schools will be governed differently after reforms. Multiple schools will be included in one network governed by one board. The number of board members will reduce so thousands of people won't have to travel for a board meeting. Board members will be retrained. They won't be under influence of certain groups as it was done in the past.
meddling in others' affairs
The opposition accuses us of pressuring others. Let me tell you a story. LHK MP1 calls and tells me to support a certain library director against protesters, while LHK MP2 later calls and says it's the protesters who are correct, and I should punish the library director.
Look up how many of my preferred candidates won seats in govt-funded organizations, in which the boards - mind you - were formed by our rules... not many did. For you it's a weakness, for me it's a strength.
science & unis
The reforms will allow better cooperation between universities and research institutes, independent activities for scientific organizations, creation of scientific consortia, postgraduate programs will be brought in line with European standards.
teacher shortage
Teachers who move to border or mountainous areas, where there is a shortage of tutors, will receive a 30% raise and other benefits.
more schools
We opened 60 new preschools as part of a plan to enroll 70% of 3-6yo kids by 2023.
37 new small schools will be built by 2021. We spent an unprecedented $4m in 2020. //
Tag: #EducationReforms #ArayikHarutyunyan #bolola

Minister Harutyunyan goes full savage in Parliament / Tsarukyan & church rape

There was a Q&A in Parliament during which opposition BHK MPs accused Education Minister Harutyunyan of incompetence and damaging Armenian values and failed reforms.
At one point, Harutyunyan fired back by saying the new curriculum will help certain groups [BHK folks] better control their hormones and respect the church, so they won't rape women in church premises anymore.
Context: during USSR, the BHK leader Tsarukyan and his friends were convicted of raping a Russian tourist in an abandoned church. President Kocharyan's judge would later overturn the verdict after Tsarukyan became a business partner with the Kocharyan family.
BHK accused the Minister of inappropriate language because he referred to Tsarukyan and his friends as "a group of Kotayk residents with hormones". They said it was offensive because it targeted the entire Kotayk population.
The Minister responded saying it was directed towards a specific group and nothing to do with Kotayk as a whole.
Minister Harutyunyan displayed a 1998 խուժան book and accused opposition BHK of lying about him trying to introduce that book into the curriculum. "A complete lie, dear parents. Be vigilant and don't let them manipulate you. The reforms will benefit your children."

Pashinyan talks about Constitutional Court judges

"The Constitutional Court crisis is over", said Pashinyan in Parliament, a day after Parliament nominated 3 new judges. He criticized some groups for wanting to appoint [pro-governemnt or anti-Roboserj] partisan judges.
Pashinyan: // Some groups are upset because they wanted to see their folks in the court. Now they teach us about the revolution's values and how the new judges don't meet those values, as if we don't know what the values are. It's not a perfect court. The govt did its duties. //
Some of the aforementioned anti-Roboserj activists later complained about his harsh tone and told him to calm down.
Context: The 3 seats were vacated after a bill was passed that fired the judges who served terms longer than what the Constitution envisioned for new judges. This was a "compromise" solution by the government because it didn't remove all of the former regime's judges, and even kept HHK MP Tovmasyan in court.

deserted lands to get water

Choratan's new 3.7km irrigation network is under construction. Soon, the locals will turn the abandoned lands into figs, walnuts, and pineapple gardens.

soldier dies in front lines

The second day of a shootout on the border, after Azeris tried to do engineering work. An Armenian contractor died today. An Azeri soldier was wounded yesterday.

Russia will allow migrant drivers to use original licenses

Armenia had earlier asked Russia to allow migrants from EAEU member-states to use their home country licenses for driving jobs. Russia has agreed. They'll amend their law to make the exception.
Earlier, the only exception was if the driver came from a country where Russian was an official language. When the bill passes, the "EAEU" will become the second qualifier.

trade with the United States

The govt met American colleagues to discuss trade cooperation, American laws/standards for imports, GSP trade system for Armenian businesses.
The trade with the U.S. rose by 48% in 2019, reaching $334m. Exports +13% ($54m), imports +57% ($280m).
Armenia exported metals, diamonds, alcohol, canned fruits, nuts, and berries.
Armenia imported cars, medical devices, rope and thread, poultry and meat, medicine.

massive rise in sheep exports

Pashinyan: we exported +256% sheep in 1H. 41,000 small-sized cattle worth $3.4m. This is a direct result of our earlier programs. I continue to be convinced that cattle is one of our agricultural industry's most prospective branches. It's a great way to defeat poverty. Farmers should take advantage of govt subsidies by joining cooperatives.

Artsakh will also develop its cattle industry

President Arayik: we'll soon import and distribute 10,000 Adilbay and Kalmikian sheep to our farmers. Experts say we can breed 500,000 sheep.
For comparison, today we have 70,000 less productive ones. The growth numbers cited by Pashinyan shows that we have a potential in Artsakh, too.
For the next 5 years, the govt will import and give the female sheep to farmers.

Lydian meeting

Pashinyan met Amulsar gold miner Lydian's board member Jeffrey Coach to discuss the topic of suspended mining operations and environmental issues.

Ozone layer is recovering

Ozone can be damaged by certain chemicals. The international community has taken steps to replace 99% of them. It'll take 100 years for the negative effects to fully disappear.
It's recovering, though. Armenian scientists have been using a special device to track the ozone layer for 21 years. They recorded the past decade's best result in 2019.


The police released a video to guide Lebanese diasporans on how to obtain a passport, drivers' license, etc.

Parliament approves paternity leave and parental protections

Parliament voted 116-1 to approve the QP bill. It'll give 5 days of paid paternity leave to fathers, and prevent employers from worsening the workers' rights and terms within 1 year of child's birth.

FDIC insurance limit has been raised

Parliament voted 117-0 to approve a BHK bill to provide more protection to bank account holders.
If your bank goes bust, you are guaranteed to receive up to $33,000 if your money is in Drams, or $15,000 if it's in foreign currency.
It used to be $21,000 and $11,000.

Yolyan blood center ex-director charged w/embezzlement

Yolyan center's former director colluded with his secretaries to embezzle a portion of salary bonuses, worth $56,000, that was meant to be paid to employees between 2001-2018, according to authorities.
A felony case is launched.

Yolyan blood center's new director

Samvel Danielyan replaced the aforementioned Yolyan director in 2018. He has been laid off.
Due to his retirement age, the law prohibits the renewal of his contract as a director, explained Healthcare Ministry.
Nonetheless, several doctors want him to stay. Child cancer clinic director Gevorg Tamamyan and his colleagues also decided to quit unless the Yolyan director stays. They sent a letter to Pashinyan to intervene.
"We aren't sure if the law prohibits renewal of his contract, but even if it does, the govt should do everything possible to find solutions to preserve experts like him."

LED lights

FPWC doesn't just protect wild animals. They want to help nature. They teamed up with Viva Telecom to install energy-efficient street lighting in Vaghanit. The LED uses 80% less energy.

ախմախ լակոտ

A resident of Sari Tagh district welded a giant cross... on a live gas pipeline. The emergency department warned against messing with the gas. The cross was removed.

COVID stats

Whopping +4135 tested (many teachers).+257 infected. +128 healed. +3 deaths. 247,839 tested.

COVID vs tourism

An expert says Armenia lost $700m from tourism drop during the pandemic. That's ~800,000 tourists who could have spent ~$800 each.

Pashinyan about COVID tickets

"The $20 tickets won't be refunded. The collected funds will be used towards healthcare and subsidies," said the PM.
The opposition is against penalizing those who violate the mask requirement and they want the past tickets refunded.

Pashinyan about COVID handling

"We've been 100% transparent during the pandemic. Our strategy was 100% correct. Certain shortcomings always happen," said PM.

Take the photo of your ID...

... and show it to a police officer during a COVID-check, said Justice Minister. "That way they won't take you to the police station for identification if you forget your ID."
That's actually a GENIUS move! 🤔 A new technology??

Laureates of Hrant Dink Prize

Istanbul's Armenian Agos newspaper writer Hrant Dink would be 66yo on September 15th. He was gunned down for his views and ethnicity in 2007.
Every year Agos gives a prize named after Dink to prominent figures. This year's first winner is Osman Kavala, an activist friendly with Kurds and Armenians, who was arrested with propped up "coup" charges by the Erdogan regime, after being charged with organizing "riots" earlier. Europe has urged Erdogan to release him.
The second laureate is female rights activist Egyptian Mozn Hasan.
Popular singer Arto Tunjboyajyan performed for the audience during the online ceremony, joined by Dink's widow who sang the late journalist's favorite song "Yes byulbyul em".

the cattle cave to become a tourist spot

A local businessman from Alaverdi, Lori launched a cave-restaurant (not cafe-restaurant... stupid aurocorrect) called "Mendz Er" last month.
The cave used to be a barn full of crap. He began cleaning it up in 2000. Initially, he wanted to turn it into a craftsmanship center but later decided to mix arts with a restaurant.
The cave will soon have a gallery and already has art pieces dating back to the 9th century.

grandmaster Lyovik Aronyan

... is playing in Sent Louis Rapid & Blitz chess tournament.
He defeated the Iranian opponent while playing with blacks, defeated Russian Grischuk with whites, then tied another Russian with blacks.
So far he leads the tournament with 5 points.
You've read 2307 words.

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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2020.09.16 17:05 translator-BOT [META] Weekly "Unknown" Identification Thread — 2020-09-16, Week 37

Here are the posts from the last week still marked as "Unknown." Please help identify them if you can!
Date Title Author
2020-09-16 [Unknown>English] i tried to rewrite on a paper the engraved part on the inside of the ring. Could anyone help me out what the language is? Or ar they any symbols? u/iarinas
2020-09-16 [unknown>english] what did the guy say? I'm guessing German. u/krishnenberg
2020-09-16 [Unknown > English] A paper with writing I found in one of the straps of my pajamas u/Miki_Titan
2020-09-15 [Unknown to English] Any idea what the text on this art means? u/xHyperCube
2020-09-15 [unkown > english] Found at a local state park, can anyone translate some of this? Thanks in advance! u/notmythrowawayokay
2020-09-15 [Unknown>English] i just bought this and found this writing inside. Could anyone help me decode it or at least point me to whatever language it is? u/iarinas
2020-09-14 [Unknown > English] this note was stuck hidden away inside the sunglasses compartment of my car by the previous owner... any idea on language or translation? Thanks!! u/tortiemctortiepants
2020-09-14 [unknown>English] Does andubody have an idea what do the symbols mean? u/smoogleg
2020-09-14 [Unkown > English] This guy raging after i whopped his ass in a game on steam, I need to know what he said so I can reply ASAP. Also, bonus points for whoever gives me a comeback i u/ManPerson36
2020-09-14 [Unknown > Hindi?] Creepy girl scratched this into the ground, Google translate has revealed some insanely creepy messages like "I am dead" (a very clear sentence compared to the r u/Kazwastaken
2020-09-14 [Unknown > English] Possibly in Persian or Armenian. Some sort of Log Book, potentially from a port. u/PurpleScissors99
2020-09-14 [Unknown > English] What is this guy saying? 0:04 & 0:14 u/lexitaku
2020-09-13 [Unknown->English] My friend's father worked in Iraq in the 70s and he brought home this plate. Would anyone here would be able to decipher at least a part of it? u/wwilcbr
2020-09-13 (Unknown-English) text from screenshot u/MindlessTelephone9
2020-09-13 English> Unknown u/Koreangirl22
2020-09-12 [Unknown>English] i don't even recognize the script even though i'm a linguistic nerd, i found it on a small paper at my high school and i copied it on another paper to make it mor u/Xeno_303
2020-09-12 [unknown -> English] Help identity potential semiotic matches. Possible proto script originating from Anatolia or Turkey u/youreur
2020-09-12 [Unknown > English] Does anyone know the significance of these pictures? They look similar to types of hieroglyphics u/LockUpLockDown
2020-09-11 [Unknown > English] u/ScienceofGenes
2020-09-11 [Unknown > English] I think it has a strike line thru the character but I’m not positive. Appears like a capital “R” without the straight left side line. Any help on what this lett u/Yimms
2020-09-11 [Unknown > English] Interesting teapot with what appears to be Russian. Any help figuring out what it means would be great. u/fire_snake90
2020-09-09 [Unknown > English] I’d like to know what this means. Thanks in advance. u/lysnoir
2020-09-09 [Unknown > English] A creepy fellow at my work has been drawing symbols like these on my workspace. The guy gave me this drawing years ago, which I passed on to HR. Recently, he's u/mfspud
2020-09-09 [Unknown > English] Elder Futhark runes translated to UNKNOWN - Anyone know know what this says in English? u/kayceemcshakey
2020-09-09 Unknown > English u/Kainzzze
2020-09-09 [Unknown -> English]. Someone keeps on leaving me messages like this at work, he got me interested at that “haaaahh” u/SpicyTacoSawce
2020-09-09 [unknown > english] u/Ajk973
Please make any identifications on the individual request pages.
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2020.09.15 21:51 ar_david_hh Sep/15/2020 news: \\ unified transport & payment network \\ rivers that flow to AZE \\ geopolitics \\ Kocharyan's money \\ new Constitutional Court judges \\ anti-corruption \\ Central Bank: GDP, inflation, interest \\ nature protection \\ it's nuts! \\ COVID news \\ the church \\ pump those numbers

reservoirs & rivers that flow from Armenia to Azerbaijan

On Sunday, a QP MP announced the launch of a new water pump in Tavush's Dovegh village. It'll collect local river water for irrigation of ARM lands, instead of flowing into AZE.
CivilNet outlet writes: // several rivers flow out of ARM. Only one of them (Debed) goes to Georgia; the rest flow into AZE. Due to the weather warming in the past decades, ARM's Tavush and nearby three AZE provinces began facing water shortage.
Several reservoirs were built during USSR in these regions. A few were built right on the border for shared use.
The largest one was the Berqaber reservoir (Joghas). It ceased operations after the 1991 war. International organizations urge ARM and AZE to agree to reuse the reservoir, and hopefully use that as a first step towards a wider peace.
Overall, AZE built 5 reservoirs in this region that feed off of rivers coming from ARM. They are Kemerli, Abbasbeyli, Aghstafa, Tovuz, and Kndzorut reservoirs. The latter is another example of a shared reservoir on the border. That's the one next to Mt. Qaradash, where the July battles took place.
Similarly, ARM built 4 reservoirs in Tavush region. They are Berqaber, Hakhum, Tavush, and Tsili Tsov.
Berqaber, as mentioned earlier, is the large one that's on the border, partly inside AZE. It used to irrigate 11 ARM villages. The other 3 ARM reservoirs are currently feeding the Berd city and its surrounding villages.
The largest river flowing from Tavush to AZE is Aghstev. There used to be "Spitak Jur" reservoir on it built near Ijevan. It was later abandoned and turned into a wastewater collector.
As a result, ARM only uses a fraction of Aghstev River water. The rest flows into AZE. Azeris used the river water to built one of their largest reservoirs called Aghstafa, near Jafarlu (Ceferli) village.
ARM also insufficiently utilizes water from Karahan and Voskepar rivers. They feed the aforementioned large Berqaber reservoir on the border. On their side of that border, AZE built Abbasbeyli reservoir, which is operational.
If ARM built reservoirs on these two rivers, more lands near Ijevan and Noyemberan would be irrigated.
ARM also lacks reservoirs on Koghb and Noyemberyan rivers. They travel through ARM lands and flow into AZE Kemerli reservoir.
No new reservoir was built in ARM after independence. "Vedi" reservoir is under construction today. It's time to build new reservoirs in Tavush instead of watching how these rivers flow into AZE. It's expensive but it's worth it in the long run. //Հայաստանից-Ադրբեջան-հոսող-գետերի-ջրերը-պետք-է-պահել-և-ամբարել/394785

Azeri soldier wounded

AZE reports about a wounded soldier on Tavush border.
Yesterday ARM's Defense Ministry announced that they fired shots to stop AZE from reinforcing their trenches with engineering equipment. It's unclear if the two incidents are related.

Kurds & Armenians

Ethnic Kurdish QP MP Knyaz Hasanov gave a speech in Parliament. He believes Armenians and Kurds should cooperate against the "common enemy Turkish government to thwart its plans."
Knyaz said: // Just as Turkey supported Azerbaijan during July battles, every day they call for the extermination of Kurds regardless of where they live. There is an ongoing genocide of Kurds.
Syrian-Kurdish sources mentioned 4 months ago that Turkish forces in Syria are gathering Islamist groups to be dropped off in Azerbaijan. We condemn this and express our support for Armenian people, with whom we will stand forever. //

will Kocharyan face economic charges besides March 1st?

A casual talk between ruling QP MP Alen Simonyan and politically-motivated comedian Sergey Danielyan.
Danielyan: I know why Kocharyan is charged specifically with March 1st and not post-independence infrastructure embezzlement crimes, because March 1st was purely an Armenian crime. No foreign countries [Russia] are involved here. The govt is being cautious not to anger [Russia]. Otherwise, these infrastructure embezzlement crimes would also be uncovered.
MP Alen:... and they will be uncovered.
Danielyan: nah, I don't think so.
MP Alen: yes, believe me. If I told Kocharyan a few years ago that he would be charged with March 1st today, he would laugh at me.
Danielyan: but the infrastructure embezzlement is a bit "international". The govt is afraid.
MP Alen: look, if we were afraid of "internationals", we wouldn't even be here right now.

the court verdict about Kocharyan assets

Judge Anna Danibekyan held a closed-door session and agreed to partially unfreeze Robik's assets. Reliable sources say he will have enough money to buy a one-way ticket to Sochi for culinary classes.
The judge kept Robik's house and $488,000 frozen. Robik says he got that money partly from the Russian SISTEMA company as a board member. He says it's legal and should be un-frozen.
Anna Danibekyan the judge whom the former regime called "Pashinyan's puppet" and harassed her while she was walking alone in the evening.

Anti-corruption bust / Standard Dialogue

On Feb/12/2020, LHK asked Pashinyan to investigate a company called Standard Dialogue because it was getting a suspiciously high number of contracts and allegedly had "ties with someone".
Police report says: officials at Economic Competition Committee colluded with several companies to falsify documents. In 2017, the officials falsified Standard Dialogue's papers to exempt 12 food companies from turnover taxation worth $322,000.
Additionally, the officials hired fake employees, gave them salaries and cars, worth $25,000.
A felony case is launched.

Parliament votes to appoint 3 new Constitutional Court judges

Yesterday the MPs did a Q&A with three judicial candidates nominated by the government, president, and judicial branch.
The Corruption Prevention Commission (CPC) was monitoring the Q&A process and noted that some of the claims made by the candidates were false.
The president's nominee Arthur Vagharshyan claimed he received a call from CPC during which they discussed the candidate's family record and past activities as part of political parties. CPC denied holding such anti-corruption screening over the phone.
The government's nominee Edgar Shatinyan earlier claimed CPC made an error during personal property investigation. CPC made a counter-claim saying the candidate got it wrong.
Apparently, nothing disqualifying was found about either candidate.
Today the MPs held a secret ballot vote to confirm or deny the nominees. The opposition LHK and BHK didn't participate.
Judicial nominee: 84-2
Government's nominee: 85-3
President's nominee: 86-1
All three will become Constitutional Court judges after quitting their current jobs and taking the Oath.
Ind. MP Babajanyan criticized the appointment, saying it's a betrayal to the revolution's values. He didn't like some of the judges' records.
QP MP Rubinyan: there are complaints about the candidate nominated by the judicial branch, about his past verdicts and activities under the former regime. This candidate was nominated by judges and had to be a fellow judge. Since the job requires experience, it's likely that this candidate had to have worked under the former regime. As for Pashinyan's earlier speech in which he opposed judges whose verdicts were overturned by ECHR, Pashinyan mentioned that it's about judges with more serious types of human rights violations who should be disqualified.
QP MP Alen Simonyan: none of the judges are the government's servants and were never part of our team. (it's an indirect criticism aimed at HHK MP-turned chief-justice Hrayr Tovmasyan)

Central Bank talks economy, interest rate

CB says the economy will shrink -6.2% in 2020, instead of the earlier predicted -4%.
Asian Development Bank predicts -4% for 2020, down from -3.5%.
GDP will grow by up to +5% in 2021, says CB.
The 12-month inflation was 1.8% (relatively low). The world economy is recovering from COVID, but Armenia's trade partners still face difficulties.
As a result, the CB decided to lower the refinancing rate from 4.5% to 4.25%.
What CB does with the refinancing rate affects everyone across the board "equally", while some industries were hit much harder by COVID, therefor the CB recommends the govt to use the budget for targeted programs aimed at specific industries.
"Consumers are more likely to save these days, due to economic uncertainty."

he found the camera

The rare Caucasus leopard (Panthera pardus) was spotted by nature cameras... and the camera was spotted by the leopard. Busted!

soccer fans will return

COVID cases are dropping, so the soccer clubs will be allowed to bring 75 fans.

this is NUTS!

A cop gave a ticket to a man for taking his mask off while eating nuts. When the man reminded that the law allows masks off while eating food, the cop insisted that nuts aren't considered "food".
"What are they? A beverage?", replied the man.

COVID stats

+150 infected. +248 healed. +1 death. +2,761 tested. 243,704 tested. 2,975 active.
Georgia overtook Armenia with +170 daily infections. Most of them were from the Ajaria district (Georgia's Ejmiatsin moment?). There are 1,154 active cases.

Parliament will audit govt's handling of COVID

Opposition LHK and BHK want to create a 12-member group tasked with auditing the government's handling of COVID. They accuse the govt of poor management which led to dozens of thousands of infections. "We will talk about how you allowed flights from Italy and Iran and held election campaigns."
The ruling party fired back at the opposition, accusing them of misleading the public throughout the pandemic. "Some opposition MPs urged the public not to wear masks, on daily basis. When we introduced Emergency, some of you called for it to end quickly. When we introduced lockdowns, you roamed around the city and urged businesses to be re-opened."
Recent public polls revealed that 71% of residents were satisfied with the govt's handling of COVID, with 85% satisfaction of Emergency Taskforce communication. Respondents viewed the infections primarily as a result of the general public's insufficient steps towards personal safety.

students want tuition subsidies

5,300 students signed a letter to ask the govt for a tuition subsidy, or at least delay the payment date, "otherwise 500 students will be kicked out soon." PM's aide accepted the letter.
The govt can "ask" but cannot require universities to change their tuition collection terms because universities are governed independently, noted one official.
On April 23rd the govt passed the 14th COVID aid package which provided up to 100% tuition subsidies, depending on students' grades, for the second semester.

schools open for everyone else

2nd and higher graders went to school today, for the first time since the pandemic.
Pashinyan gave an inspirational speech: hello kids. Today our children are critical of everything. Some believe that they can drive Mercedes G-class without education, but there is also the opposite belief that you cannot drive one without education. The way you spend every minute in school will define your future. (and the way you spend every minute on Facebook will define the quality of your future speeches)

church subject in schools

Education Ministry plans reforms that reorganize how things are taught. The Church subject will be merged with Armenian History.
The Church complained. They want to keep the subject separate, so kids can continue to դասից թռնել հենց որ եկեղեցու պատմությունը սկսի. Everybody knows the Church subject was the best time to ընգերուհու հետ թրև գալ մոտակա այգիներում, but now incompetent Minister Arayik Harutyunyan wants to երեխեքի ձեռից էտ մի կտոր հացը առնի by forcing them to attend classes։
Minister Harutyunyan met the catholicos to discuss the changes. There will be a group tasked with examining the topic.

nature protection inspectors could have more powers

The govt drafted a bill to authorize nature inspectors to instantly suspend a violating company's activities and to keep it suspended throughout a lawsuit shall the company appeal the decision.

Universal transport system & payments / HayAvtoKayaran will not be privatized

HayAvtoKayaran will not be privatized if the Parliament approves the government's draft bill which removes the funny-looking transport center from the privatization list.
Infrastructure Ministry wants to establish a unified transport system across Armenia to connect all settlements. It'll have a universal ticket system. Various private transport companies will continue to operate the transportation between the settlements.
HayAvtoKayaran is currently tasked with coordinating some of the transportation and is expected to play a bigger role in the future, so the govt believes it should remain under public control.
The govt plans to invest public and private funds for its development.

connecting gas station pumps to sales receipt machine

IRS really wants those gas stations to pay their sales taxes. QP drafted a bill to use "high-tech" to establish an automated connection between the gas hose and the sales machine, so the receipt will be printed automatically.

it's over

It's settled.
Done deal.
MFA Mnatsakanyan has answered the centuries-old question: Yes, Armenia is "Europe".
You've read 2146 words.

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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2020.09.14 23:27 ar_david_hh Sep/14/2020: \\ election fraud: BHK's factory \\ Kocharyan & $600m \\ foreign affairs: USA, RUS, AZE events, shots fired \\ economic freedom index \\ parliament grills wannabe judges \\ berries (lol) \\ music & culture \\ COVID \\ school begins \\ infrastructure \\ Yerevan's metro, buses, elevators

new election fraud charges against BHK / Cement factory

BHK party leaders were earlier charged with buying voters during the 2017 elections.
The new report says: // during the 2012 and 2017 elections, the employees of [Gagik Tsarukyan's] AraratCement factory were threatened with termination unless they joined the BHK party and recruited voters. Some of them paid bribes to residents. //
A felony case is launched. More info is being gathered.

Robik Kocharyan's "$600 million investment in Russian company" / April 2016

Parliamentary security committee chief Andranik K. says they gathered 800 pages of facts about April 2016 battles. The investigation of the former government's handling of the job is over and will be finalized this month. The Parliament will then decide how to publish it.
Andranik K. continues: // Robert Kocharyan is successfully preventing the March 1st trial from entering the main fact-presentation stage. They're manipulating the court to delay the process.
When Kocharyan said he didn't have the $2m bail to get out, various oligarchs agreed to help him.
One of the donors was [Russian tech giant] SISTEMA's director Yevtushenko. Kocharyan has been a SISTEMA board member for years, which means he must have had his "share". The public needs to know these details.
Years earlier, Garnik Margaryan revealed that the Kocharyan family invested $600m in SISTEMA. It was not denied. There were overwhelming facts. Garnik Margaryan was later arrested and released.
We need to know where that $600m came from and how they were invested in SISTEMA. The March 1st court recently agreed to discuss Kocharyan's finances, but behind closed doors, which prevented the public from knowing details. //

19 years ago today...

Vladimir Putin arrived in Armenia to discuss Kocharyan's plan to give Russia/Russian companies some of the Armenian infrastructures in exchange for debt cancellation. The first deal was worth $100m.

Don't miss Sunday news

Ինչպես պապն էր ասում ՝ գիրք չկարդացողը շան տղայա:

Armenia-U.S. relations

"Armenian-American Strategic Dialogue" is a new cooperation initiative that began in 2019. Its second session was held today. The two countries will outline new priorities for cooperation.
Justice Minister Badasyan discussed the anti-corruption and police reforms with the U.S. ambassador.

Armenia-Russia relations

AM-RU soldiers used radio-electronic weapons to shut down "enemy drones" during a joint military drill.
"Shikla" units were used to locate and destroy the "drones" by using 23mm automatic guns, within 2.5km distance, and 1.5km altitude.
1,500 soldiers participated in drills which involved SU-25 jets and helicopters.
A group of Armenian soldiers flew to Russia to participate in the upcoming Caucasus-2020 military drills.

Armenia-Egypt relations

MFA Mnatsakanyan visited Egypt, met their President and MFA, and discussed Turkey's destabilizing actions in the eastern Mediterranean and Caucasus.
"We have strong relations with Egypt dating back to centuries. Armenians living in Egypt are allowed to preserve their culture and language. They've made significant contributions towards the formation of Egyptian institutes."
Context: Greece and Egypt recently signed a maritime deal which angered Turkey.
"Armenia's goal is to provide physical security for Nagorno Karabakh population and to help with recognition of their right to self-determination."

shots fired at the border

Armenian army fired shots to stop the Azeri army from conducting engineering work aimed at strengthening trenches. The army denied the Azeri govt's claims that the shots were fired at Azeri Aliyebli village.

Azerbaijani government

... isn't happy that several Lebanese-Armenians settled in the Artsakh Republic. They contacted international bodies and OSCE.

Azerbaijani minorities

An ethnic Avar activist complained about ethnic discrimination by Azeri authorities. "They are stopping Avars for no reason and extorting more bribes than they do from ethnic Azeris. They won't let Avars start a business and have a normal life in [Azerbaijan's northern] Balakan region. We ask [international leaders] for help. We don't want conflict but they are leaving no choice."

Azerbaijani air traffic control

... prohibited two Russian military planes from using Azeri airs to move back from Syria to Russia. The Russian planed had to divert and use Turkmen territories.

economic freedom index

Canadian Fraser ranks Armenia 18th out of 162 in terms of economic freedoms. It's up 9 positions from last time.
Hong Kong 1, Georgia 8, Armenia 18, Moldova 78, Azerbaijan 112, Venezuela 162.

Parliament is Q&A-ing Constitutional Court nominees

Context: Constitutional Court has 3 vacant seats. The govt, the president, and the judicial branch have each nominated one candidate, who need to go through a Parliamentary Q&A and a secret-ballot vote before approval.
Opposition BHK and LHK will boycott the election process because they opposed the initial process that kicked out the 3 old judges and demoted HHK's Hrayr Tovmasyan. They also complained that none of the candidates met them one-on-one for talks.
The Q&A and appointment process will be monitored by the OSCE Human Rights division in cooperation with the Armenian HR Ombudsman.
The first candidate for Q&A is Yervand Khundukyan, nominated by the judicial branch. He was introduced to Parliament by a fellow judge.
The candidate said he doesn't support the proposed idea of merging the Constitutional Court with the Cassations Court.
"We the judges are generally conservative towards such changes. I'm against major reorganizations. The role of CC and Cassations currently differ from one another."
He wants CC to have more independent powers over interpreting constitutional norms, while at the same time to give Parliament the right to "respond" if CC rules something unconstitutional.
He was asked about his past activities and his role in the shutting down of opposition A1+ media outlet during the former regime.
During another Q&A session, Ind. MP Babajanyan got into a heated argument with the candidate and accused him of being generally "intolerant".
There were also personal questions about his sons' alleged "preferential" treatment in the military. He denied preferential treatment, saying the location of his son's service was chosen through the regular lottery system.
Meanwhile, the Corruption Prevention Commission will be vetting his past activities.
NGO chief Arthur Sakunts criticized the judicial branches' nominee, saying he has a questionable past and had 13 of his verdicts overruled by ECHR in the past.
"At one point Pashinyan said any judge who had a verdict overruled by ECHR should automatically resign. If this nominee is approved, it'll be a step backward from revolution's spirit."
The second candidate is Arthur Vagharshyan, nominated by president Sarkissian. He was presented to Parliament by the president's aide.
When asked to comment LHK's complaints that he didn't meet LHK for discussions, he said he wasn't aware that it was him who had to initiate such conversation. "Had I known that LHK wanted to talk, I would have contacted them."
The third candidate is Edgar Shatiryan, nominated by the government. He was presented to Parliament by Justice Minister for Q&A.

the world is stress-eating berries and pumpkin

Pashinyan: the exports of strawberries, blackberry, and currant (հաղարջ) has increased by 166% during the pandemic, reaching $5.5m turnover.
It's important to note that it's mostly produced in greenhouses which helps to develop that industry and make us less dependent on weather conditions.
The farmer doesn't have to wait to find out the size of the harvest. It's "you harvest what you plant".
Similarly, the exports of mushroom, pumpkin and spinach grew 62%, reaching $3.2m.
Flower exports rose 17%, reaching $3.9m.

the world is producing music during the pandemic

Composer Tigran Mansuryan wrote two pieces during COVID. It'll be presented to the audience soon. The orchestra plans 50 performances dedicated to its 15th anniversary.
One of the new pieces, called "the sound of silence" is about the pandemic, and was written at the request of a German musician who launched an initiative to ask musicians around the world to compose a piece relevant to current times.

the organizers of Dilijan concert won't be penalized

The new Quarantine rules are laxer and allow up to 60 people at a commercial concert. The police say yesterday's Dilijan concert met the requirements. Patrons wore masks, had their temperatures taken, etc.
Prime Minister's office criticized the police's decision, saying "you and I both saw that the safety measures weren't respected."

fight in Gyumri

Presumably a mask-related confrontation between the police and Gyumri resident let to a scuffle. Arms were twisted. A woman laid on the police vehicle to prevent it from leaving with the detainee.

Russian Airoflot will resume flights to Armenia

on October 25th

schools resume after a lengthy pandemic break

The Emergency ended a few days ago and was replaced with less strict "Quarantine" which allows schools to operate under strict safety conditions.
Only first-graders were allowed to attend today, to prevent overcrowding. The rest will go tomorrow.
Thousands of teachers and students with chronic health problems will continue with online education.

new schools are being built

21 new preschools will open across Armenia on September 21st, says Education Ministry. The rural facilities will come equipped with the necessary furniture.
It is co-funded by the World Bank. 136 such facilities have been built since 2019.

Infrastructure upgrades across Armenia

5 more seismic-proof schools were rebuilt across Armenia.
Madina, Gegharquniq will have two subsidized projects to install lighting on all streets and to build an irrigation network.
Chkalovka, Gegharquniq will have several streets and parks renovated by the end of this year, for the first time since the 1980s.
Azatan's main road is being renovated. It connects to the M1 highway.

NSS busts Gyumri officials with corruption

The NSS says: we found corruption in city-run "Yuri Vardanyan Sports Center" and "Hamalir Youth Sports Center".
Officials from these organizations hired 24 fake employees beginning in 2010 and embezzled $89,000 in salaries.
A felony cause is launched.

Yerevan replaces more Soviet-era elevators

... in apartment complexes around the capital. 134 out of 3,500 have been replaced. 370 more this year.
"For comparison, only 20 were replaced in the period between Armenia's independence and 2018," flexed Municipality spokesman.

Yerevan could reform its architecture department

Mayor Marutyan says they're thinking about abolishing the position of "chief Yerevan architect" to replace it with some kind of a committee.
Recently the chief architect Arthur Meschyan resigned after promising in 2018 to serve only two years.

Yerevan's upcoming new 12-meter long buses...

... need to be purchased through an auction. None of the sellers met the requirement. A new auction will be held to buy the 100 buses.
As for the auction for the other 100 mini-buses, there is already a winner. Buses will arrive in 3 months.
There are also plans to buy medium-sized 9-meter buses.

update: Yerevan's new metro station

Last month we learned that Mayor Marutyan scrapped the plans to have a private company built a bridge then a separate metro station with malls on top. Instead, the city plans to use public funds to pay a lot less and build a bridge with a metro station on top.
Today Marutyan confirmed that they discussed it with the federal government and decided that public funds will be used. It'll cost $35m for the feds. "The government has reassured that they have the money," said Marutyan.

President Sarkissian met the British Science Association director..

... Lord Ara Darzi, an ethnic Armenian and a child of the Genocide survivor. Ara became the director last week. The two discussed Sarkissian's ATOM scientific initiative and possible cooperation in a program related to artificial intelligence.
Sarkissian then visited Cambridge's science center to eat free pizza because someone was doing a generous giveaway this sentence is fake news designed to test if you're still reading.

How this village in Armenia is keeping a 5000-year-old cheese-making tradition alive

Grandmaster Levon Aronyan

Finished third in the online Champions Showdown: Chess 9LX competition held yesterday.
He scored 5.5 out of 9 after tying with Magnus and Kasparov but losing to Lagrave.

Exhibition dedicated to composer Komitas

... was launched in the Romanian city of Georgen, aided by local officials and the Armenian community.
You've read 2044 words. 2044 is when we'll finally have flying cars.

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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2020.09.14 04:12 sophoulala My [25 F] parents wont ever accept my [25M] boyfriend

Hello Redditors, hoping to find some good advice on my situation.
Ive been dating this wonderful guy for almost 6 months now. Before him, Ive had 2 abusive relationships that ended on extremely bad terms (had to get a restraining order on my last boyfriend). My current boyfriend has been nothing but amazing to me.. just a breathe of fresh air. I never had anyone like him before. Theres so much trust, communication, and we click like no other! We also have the same morals and hes a workaholic and not some lazy bum. He also motivates me while i am in grad school. Plus his family absolutely adores me which is a huge plus! The problem is, my parents wont accept him, and they claim they never will. The reason being is that they think i fall into a same repeating cycle with men and it will turn out abusive and that i am wasting my time because he is so young and he is just looking to have fun until he dumps me when we get older. (Parents are traditional, greek and armenian fyi) another thing is.. is that they went through his whole entire instagram and he is a car fanatic, so his instagram page is filled with his car and his atvs. They think hes trouble because of that and how he looks cocky in pictures. They gave me an ultimatum and told me if i choose to be with him, i need to move out. I just cant believe that they’re going to this extreme of things when this guy bends over backwards for my happiness. Reddit, what do i do?
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2020.09.13 23:29 ar_david_hh Sep/13/2020 news: \\ post-July Battles in Tavush: border farming & irrigation expands \\ re: new law about draft evaders \\ car exports: Armenian drivers in Russia \\ more athletes to receive pensions \\ COVID \\ female boss \\ trolls in Baku \\ Social Progress score \\ Խաչվերաց \\ videos \\ sports

Land battle... then apricot war... now water struggle

There is a village in Tavush Province called Dovegh not far from where the July Battles took place. It will be better irrigated at the expense of Azeri bordering villages.
QP MP Sipan Pashinyan (Nikol's cousin): Only 5ha out of 45ha lands near villagers' houses are being irrigated with an automatic system. The other 37ha lands are being farmed only at 10% capacity due to lack of water.
We've launched a water pump with the help of HayEconom Bank. It'll feed off of a small river that flows through the village into Azerbaijan. We will prioritize our people over Azerbaijan.

Armenian villagers farm not far away from new Anvakh outpost

Tavush's Anvakh border outpost was liberated by the Armenian army during July Battles.
Choratan villagers will soon have irrigation water and expand farming on the lands near the border, hundreds of meters away from frontlines.
Shots could be heard coming from the borders while the farmers collected the yield. They showed a bullet earlier extracted from the land.

LHK responds to draft law aimed at allowing army draft evaders to return

Diasporan Armenians who didn't serve in the Armenian army used to be able to pay a $7,500 penalty and return, without having to draft or go to prison. The ruling QP party allowed that law to expire.
Now they drafted a new bill that is yet to be discussed. It would raise the penalty sum and toughen the punishment for not serving in the army.
Opposition LHK comments the proposed law: // the bill will make the army dodging a heavy crime instead of medium. The prison sentence doubles. Since it'll be a heavy crime, the statute of limitations doubles from 5 to 10 years, meaning people will have to wait longer to arrive [without paying].
Under-27 men will avoid punishment if they return and serve. But now, they could possibly serve 18 months longer because the law will add an extra month of service for every evaded season (9 years of evading, multiplied by failure to appear 2 times a year, equals 18)
Over-27 men will avoid punishment if they pay a penalty equalling the salary and bonus of a 2-year contractor. It will be around $10,000.
When the former govt tried to raise the penalty from $3,700 to $18,700, we opposed it and settled with a $7,400 penalty.
Last year we urged Pashinyan's govt to keep the $7,400 law, but they were against the idea of taking money and dropping the charges in general.
Then we urged a total amnesty of all army evaders, but they rejected it, too.
Those who couldn't pay the old $7,400 penalty cannot pay the newly proposed $10,000 penalty, either. //

Armenian drivers in Russia could have one less headache

EAEU trade bloc will work with member states to resolve problems that affected Armenian and Kazakh drivers beginning in 2019.
Armenian govt will expand the sharing of vehicle registration/ clearance/fee information with EAEU. Armenian drivers, who took their cars to Russia for long-term use without proper registration in Russia, will receive information from Russian authorities on how to properly register and pay a fee.
Context: customs fees for clearing a vehicle is much lower in Armenia than in Russia, which affects the final vehicle price. As a result, 400,000 drivers (mostly non-Armenian) imported a car to Armenia then moved it to Russia for permanent personal use. Russia later introduced new laws that caused problems.

Massive fires in Krasnodar, Russia

The roofs of several attached apartment complex buildings caught on fire.

Education Ministry will reward more champion athletes

Athletes who won medals in international competitions recently began earning monthly pensions.
Now the Education Ministry has a plan to expand this list by including Armenian citizen champions who live abroad, and those who won medals during USSR.
That's about 20 more athletes who will receive $210-$420/mo.

COVID stats

+187 infected. +5 deaths. 238312 tested. 3005 active.
Record +158 infections in Georgia.


A concert in Dilijan attracted a big crowd. Although most people had masks, the place was packed.

More emergency flights

... from Gyurmi to Moscow and Yerevan to St. Petersburg. 327 people were able to return to Russia.

Trolling back

Armenian trolls published someone else's video recorded in Baku and did a voice-over to make it seem they were in Baku and taunting the incompetent Azeri security services.
A similar trolling was done by Azeris in the past.

INTERPOL's Armenian bureau

... will be led by Lieutenant Colonel Narine Hakobyan, the first woman in this position.

Best Social Progress in the region

Washington-based "Social Progress Imperative" has a 2020 index among 163 countries.
2018: Armenia 61st
2019: Armenia 53rd
2020: Armenia 50th, Georgia 56, Russia 69, Azerbaijan 104, Norway 1st, South Sudan last.Սոցիալական-առաջընթացի-ցուցիչ-–-2020-Հայաստանը-առաջատարն-է-տարածաշրջանում/394624

Constitutional Referendum

... is scheduled for 2021. The group of NGOs, opposition, and govt officials held another meeting to discuss the proposed changes.

The church celebrates Խաչվերաց տոն

Խաչվերաց (raising the cross) is the last one of five celebrations, and the most important one, dedicated to Holy Cross.
It dates back to the origins of Christianity when apostle Jacob, who served as the first bishop of Jerusalem, raised the Cross above residents to read a prayer.
It's celebrated on a Sunday between September 11-17.

"Kef Chi Lini", by French Ladaniva group

how do you do, fellow kids?

հեծո քշելու

High-Tech Minister Arshakyan took the kids for a bike ride.

hmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Henrikh Mkhitaryan gets his salary and transfer finalized with Milan Roma (duh), and only then starts to magically score goals. COINCIDENCE? /s
Midfielder Heno scored goals two matches in a row.

Grandmaster Levon Aronyan

... is playing in the 2020 CHAMPIONS SHOWDOWN: CHESS 9LC competition.
He tied with Fabiano Caruana, then played two more ties with others.
Then three victories in a row placed him at the top of the list.
Then a defeat to Lagrave placed him third.
Other players are Garry Kasparov, Magnus Carsalesman, Maxime Lagrave, etc. The prize fund is $150,000. The finale in on September 19th.
You've read 1042 words.

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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2020.09.13 17:40 NovaSociete What are the negative aspects that liberal/leftist societies created in men?

So in short: Armenia and Armenians would go to the shitter if we behaved like weak pseudo-intellectual liberal white guys from Armenia
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2020.09.12 23:53 samarkandtours Dushanbe Layover Tour - Samarkand Tours Operator – 998998520077

Dushanbe Layover Tour
Dushanbe layover tour will introduce you the capital of Tajikistan and spirit of Tajik people. During the tour you will visit Ismail Somoni Statue, historical outstanding ruler, Museum of Antiques and Musical Instruments Museum. You will also explore vicinities of the capital, Hissar Fortress with old madrassahs and try the local cuisine. Book the short and intense tour to make the most of few stopover hours in Dushanbe!
At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Dushanbe, along with Tajikistan, continued to struggle from the after-effects of Soviet occupation and civil war. Tajikistan was poorest nation in the Soviet sphere.
Today, it is challenged by corruption, weak governance, widespread unemployment, seasonal power shortages, an external debt burden, and serious environmental problems resulting from the agricultural and industrial policies employed under Soviet rule. Active measures are required to overcome political corruption and to ensure economic growth and stability. Assistance from the international community has brought some relief through increased economic development and security assistance.
Although archaeological remnants dating to the fifth century B.C.E. have been discovered in the area, there is little to suggest that Dushanbe was more than a small village until the early twentieth century. Records show that as early as 1676, on every Monday, villagers from the surrounding areas brought their produce to market at this spot.
"Dyushambe" belonged for a long time to the khanate of Bukhara. In 1920, the last Emir of Bukhara briefly took refuge in Dyushambe after being overthrown by the Bolshevik revolution. He fled to Afghanistan after the Red Army conquered the area the following year.
With the Red Army victory and coming of the railroad from 1929, the city became the capital of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1929, the city was renamed "Stalinabad," after Soviet leader Joseph Stalin (1878-1953). The city was renamed "Dushanbe" in 1961 as part of the next Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev's de-Stalinization initiative.
The Soviets transformed the area into a center for cotton and silk production, and relocated tens of thousands of people to the city from around the Soviet Union. The population also increased with thousands of ethnic Tajiks migrating to Tajikistan following the transfer of Bukhara and Samarkand to the Uzbek SSR.
A peaceful and relatively prosperous city under Soviet rule, severe rioting occurred in 1990, after it was rumored that Moscow planned to relocate tens of thousands of Armenian refugees to Tajikistan, which spurred local nationalist sentiment. The city was badly damaged as a result of the Civil War in Tajikistan (1992–1997) that sprang up in the nation shortly after its independence, on September 9, 1991.
The main points of interest are on, or close to, Prospekt Rudaki, which runs from the railway station in the south to the bus station in the north.
Since that time resurgences in the Tajik economy have transformed Dushanbe into a rapidly growing commercial, cultural and industrial center. Many multi-story apartment and office buildings were constructed and the city was beautified during this period. Monuments and statues commemorating the city's Persian and Iranian past were erected.
The Dushanbe synagogue, which was constructed in the early 1900s in one of the two Jewish Quarters in Dushanbe at the time, was used by the Jewish community there until February 2006, when the government demolished it to make way for a new presidential residence, the "Palace of Nations."
Plus code:
86CX+GP Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Samarkand Tours Operator
Yunusabad 19-35-87
Tashkent ,100114,
Video on youtube:
Searching keyword:
Dushanbe Layover Tour
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2020.09.12 22:51 Dreamer_of_Kadath An in-depth analysis of Emperor Belos's name

Although some character’s names have a more definitive name-for example Luz is short for luceda which means light, or to shine, Emperor Belos has a more nuanced meaning. Belos is a Greek word derived from the Babylonian and Assyrian term Belus, meaning mythical king. In Babylonian context, it refers to Bel Marduk who is worshipped as a god of war. This aspect can be related to how Emperor Belos is referred to as a crusader during the “savage ages”.
In Assyrian context, Belus was only considered a god after his death but he was a king during his lifetime. An Armenian translation of Eusebius of Caesarea (a Greek historian) dates King Belus’s reign to when Zeus was fighting the first titans which are undoubtedly an interesting link to the titan. It is also believed that King Belus formed the ancient city of Babylon and built the ziggurat, like how Emperor Belus united the boiling isles and built his palace as well as the conformatorium.
The Greek word belos means arrow or dart the word is used to describe the “fiery darts” of Satan. The word Belos is also used in the Greek word oxybeles which is an early form of the ballista. This could relate to how Emperor Belus is seen to use a form of technology rather than magic.
Another simpler meaning is how Belus, the root word of Belos, was derived into the word Ba’al. Which firstly meant lord but then was used as an honorific to refer to gods. The Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) uses this term to refer to false gods sometimes under the form Beelzebub. Firstly Belos being derived from a term meaning false God is very intriguing because it could mean he is not a messenger of the titan and lends itself to the theory he is not using “true” or “normal” magic like most witches. Beelzebub is the lord of the flies, the demon prince of pestilence and gluttony. This could be inferred that Emperor Belos is corrupting magic or how witches use magic – possibly by his coven system (I'm sure Eda would agree with that) or by more sinister means. Emperor Belos consuming a palisman is most likely a representation of this gluttony perhaps its an over-consumption of magic that will have disastrous consequences perhaps it may even mean others have to learn glyph magic, I would love to hear people’s theories. Beelzebub was also branded a false god lending itself again to the fact Emperor Belos is most likely a deceitful tyrant.
And so concludes my perhaps too in-depth analysis of Emperor Belos’s name but I have to satiate my curiosity somehow until season 2. Feel free to message me or comment your theories.
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2020.09.11 19:44 StevenStevens43 Proto-Greek Trojans

Proto-Greek Trojans
Greek language:
The Greek language evolved around 1,500 years ago from a branch of Indo-European, which means that around 3,500 years ago, there was likely somekind of Indo-European invasion, in to Greek lands.
This language that arrived from Proto-Greek Indo-European, also includes "Latin".
Greek language
Greek (Greek: Ελληνικά, romanized: Elliniká) is an independent branch of the Indo-European family of languages, native to Greece, Cyprus, Albania, other parts of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. It has the longest documented history of any living Indo-European language, spanning at least 3,500 years of written records.[3] Its writing system has been the Greek alphabet for the major part of its history; other systems, such as Linear B and the Cypriot syllabary, were used previously.[4] The alphabet arose from the Phoenician script and was in turn the basis of the Latin, Cyrillic, Armenian, Coptic, Gothic, and many other writing systems.
Link for photo
Proto-Greek expansion
Dorian invasion:
This invasion, is actually named "the Dorian invasion".
Dorian invasion
The Dorian invasion is a concept devised by historians of Ancient Greece to explain the replacement of pre-classical dialects and traditions in southern Greece by the ones that prevailed in Classical Greece. The latter were named Dorian by the ancient Greek writers, after the Dorians, the historical population that spoke them.
Link for photo_en.svg)
Dorian invasion
Hittite empire:
Now, the reason that there was a war between Indo-Europeans, and Greeks, all stems from the fact that the Hittite empire had to come down from Northern lands, and up from Indus Valley in numbers and strength and make Anatolia the base for their empire, due to the fact they were fighting a native Egyptian expansion in to Mesopotamia and beyond, led by Thutmose III.
The Hittites (/ˈhɪtaɪts/) (Ancient Greek: Χετταίοι, Latin Hetthaei) were an Anatolian people who played an important role in establishing an empire centered on Hattusa in north-central Anatolia around 1600 BC. This empire reached its height during the mid-14th century BC under Šuppiluliuma I, when it encompassed an area that included most of Anatolia as well as parts of the northern Levant and Upper Mesopotamia.
Between the 15th and 13th centuries BC, the Empire of Hattusa, conventionally called the Hittite Empire, came into conflict with the New Kingdom of Egypt, the Middle Assyrian Empire and the empire of the Mitanni for control of the Near East.
Link for photo
Hittite Empire
Thutmose III:
Now, Thutmose III, who was the ancestor of Ahmose I, who was the native Egyptian pharoah who expelled the Hyksos from Egypt in 1549 BC, continued the expulsion in to Mesopotamian lands, until he was actually subjucating Indo-Aryan kings of Mitanni.
Military campaigns
Widely considered a military genius by historians, Thutmose III conducted at least 16 campaigns in 20 years.[14] He was an active expansionist ruler, sometimes called Egypt's greatest conqueror or "the Napoleon of Egypt."[15] He is recorded to have captured 350 cities during his rule and conquered much of the Near East from the Euphrates to Nubia during seventeen known military campaigns. He was the first pharaoh after Thutmose I to cross the Euphrates, doing so during his campaign against Mitanni.
Link for photo
Thutmose III
Amenhotep III:
Now, a superstud grandson of Thutmose III, actually ordered all the kings of Mesopotamia to send their daughters to him, for marraige, and this included two Indo-Aryan princesses.
I assume the reason there was two sent from Mitanni, was due to the fact one would have been Indo, and the other, Aryan.
So all the kings of Mesopotamia, and surrounding regions, sent their princess daughters to marry him.
Amenhotep III is known to have married several foreign women:
Gilukhepa, the daughter of Shuttarna II of Mitanni, in the tenth year of his reign.[12]
Tadukhepa, the daughter of his ally Tushratta of Mitanni, Around Year 36 of his reign.[13][14]
A daughter of Kurigalzu, king of Babylon.[14]
A daughter of Kadashman-Enlil, king of Babylon.[14]
A daughter of Tarhundaradu, ruler of Arzawa.[14]
A daughter of the ruler of Ammia (in modern Syria).[14]
Link for photo
Amenhotep III
Amarna letter EA4:
Now, according to the Amarna letter, one of the subjugated kings of Mesopotamia, later on wrote to their son in law, Amenhotep III, and requested that he return the favour, and return one of his Egyptian princesses to marry one of their handsom princes, and Amenhotep wrote back, virtually saying (in not so many words), sorry, only the male line-age has access to the throne of other countries, and Egypt is not in the business of pimping out it's daughters.
Now, if the Indo-european kings of Mitanni were at the centre of an Indo-European empire, that stretched across the Eurasian continent, then they would take this as Amenhotep virtually announcing himself the king of Afro-eurasia.
His claim would be, the most male chauvinist claim ever made in the history of this world.
With that claim being, his accessing and invading a foreign princess, equals accessing and invading that princesses country!
In one famous correspondence—Amarna letter EA 4—Amenhotep III is quoted by the Babylonian king Kadashman-Enlil I in firmly rejecting the latter's entreaty to marry one of this pharaoh's daughters:
From time immemorial, no daughter of the king of Egy[pt] is given to anyone.[18]
Amenhotep III's refusal to allow one of his daughters to be married to the Babylonian monarch may indeed be connected with Egyptian traditional royal practices that could provide a claim upon the throne through marriage to a royal princess
Link for photo
One of Superstuds many foreign princesses
Kings of Mitanni:
Now, the kings of Mitanni were actually Indo-Aryan.
Not Indo-European.
You see, Indo-European is a modern political correct term, originating after the battle of the ten kings in 1400 BC, when Indo-Aryan mixed with Dravidian, to create the Indo-European language.
But, before 1400 BC, the proto-Indo european language, was in fact Indo-Aryan.
Therefore, this also means, that the Dorian invasion, was in fact, an Indo-Aryan conquest, and not an Indo-European conquest, as Greece is also a part of europe, populated by Romano looking peoples, and at that point in time, during the Dorian invasion, Greeks did not speak a European language.
Thus, the languag did not become european, until Aryans invaded Greece.
Also, as the Mitanni were mostly populated by Semitic speaking Arabs, and the Aryan-Indo princesses of Mitanni were now Egyptians, the kingdom of Mitanni ended up allying itself with Egypt, becoming an enemy of the Hittite empire
While the Mitanni kings were supposedly Indo-Aryan, they used the language of the local people, which was at that time a non-Indo-European language, Hurrian. Their sphere of influence is shown in Hurrian place names, personal names and the spread through Syria and the Levant of a distinct pottery type.
Link for photo
Kaska invasion:
Now, how did the war between Greece and the Hittites begin?
Well, in actual fact, the Greeks for a good part of history, actually allied themselves with the native Egyptian empire.
This would be to do with the fact that they felt Aryans were invading their land. Probably dating as far back as the younger dryas, and that European mainland belonged to Greeks, and thus they likely felt it would be a good political move to help the native Egyptians defeat the Hittite empire, and send them back to Scandinavia, and retake european mainland, so, in around 1450 BC, the Kaska invaded Anatolia, which had been invaded by the Indo-Aryans, and the Greeks likely felt Anatolia belonged to them.
The Kaska, probably originating from the eastern shore of the Propontis,[4] may have displaced the speakers of the Palaic language from their home in Pala).[citation needed]
The Kaska first appear in the Hittite prayer inscriptions that date from the reign of Hantili II, c. 1450 BC, and make references to their movement into the ruins of the holy city of Nerik.[5] During the reign of Hantili's son, Tudhaliya II (c. 1430 BC), "Tudhaliya's 3rd campaign was against the Kaskas."[6] His successor Arnuwanda I composed a prayer for the gods to return Nerik to the empire; he also mentioned Kammama and Zalpuwa as cities which he claimed had been Hittite but which were now under the Kaskas. Arnuwanda attempted to mollify some of the Kaska tribes by means of tribute.
However, a joint rulership of Tudhaliya and Suppiluliuma resulted in a counter invasion of Greece, from the Hittites, and the Hittites defeated the Kaska.
Tudhaliya III and Suppiluliuma (c. 1375–1350 BC) set up their court in Samuha and invaded Azzi-Hayasa from there. The Kaska intervened, but Suppiluliuma defeated them; after Suppiluliuma had fully pacified the region, Tudhaliya and Suppiluliuma were able to move on Hayasa and defeat it too, despite some devastating guerrilla tactics at their rear. Some twelve tribes of Kaska then united under Piyapili, but Piyapili was no match for Suppiluliuma. Eventually, Tudhaliya and Suppiluliuma returned Hattusa to the Hittites. But the Kaska continued to be a menace both inside and out and a constant military threat. They are said to have fielded as many as 9,000 warriors and 800 chariots.[10]
Of course, Suppliluliuma, is very likely the same person as the Hindu god of war, Subrahumanya.
Kartikeya (Sanskrit: कार्त्तिकेय, IAST: Kārttikeya), also known as Skanda, Kumara,[4], Murugan and Subrahmanya, is the Hindu god of war.[5][
Link for photo
Tudhaliya III:
Tudhaliya III, is likely Eochaid Ollathair in Irish mythology.
Or, Ruad Rofhessa, depending upon which Irish clan one is from.
The reason that Tudhaliya III was likely the same person as Eochaid Ollathair, is because Eochaid Ollathair reigned as the High king of Ireland during the same period Tudhaliya III reigned as emperor of the Aryan branch of the Hittites.
The Dagda
The Dagda's name is thought to mean "the good god" or "the great god". His other names include Eochu or Eochaid Ollathair ("horseman, great father" or "all-father"), Ruad Rofhessa ("mighty one/lord of great knowledge")
King Thorri:
It is also likely, that Eochaid Ollathair was known as "King Thorri" in Scandinavia, and as Tudhaliya III, in Anatolia.
It is also likely, that they all got remembered by everyone, in pseudo legends, as Thor.
King of Kvenland
Hversu Noregr byggðist has very similar usage for the title. This time, the great-grandson of Fornjót (who is said to be "a man"), Snær, and his son Thorri are told to be kings. Kvenland now appears in relation to Thorri, of whom it is said that "he ruled over Gothland, Kvenland (Kænlandi), and Finland". Fornjót's great-grandson Snær is also mentioned in Ynglingasaga, in relation to Finland.[4]
Link for photo
Trojan war:
Now, just in case you do not grasp yet, the significance of this war, the Kaska invasion was the roots for what would become the Trojan wars.
Involvement in Asia minor
The Hittite-Ahhiyawan confrontation in Wilusa, the Hittite name for Troy, may provide the historical foundation for the Trojan War tradition.[59] As a result of this instability, the Hittite king initiated correspondence in order to convince his Ahhiyawan counterpart to restore peace in the region. The Hittite record mentions a certain Tawagalawa, a possible Hittite translation for Greek Eteocles, as brother of the king of Ahhiyawa.[58]
Link for photo
Greece before collapse
After hundreds of years of fighting, the Greeks would go from equals, to almost being totally expelled to the Mediterranean Islands.
Final collapse
As a result of this turmoil, specific regions in mainland Greece witnessed a dramatic population decrease, especially Boeotia, Argolis and Messenia.[64] Mycenaean refugees migrated to Cyprus and the Levantine coast.[69] Nevertheless, other regions on the edge of the Mycenaean world prospered, such as the Ionian islands, the northwestern Peloponnese, parts of Attica and a number of Aegean islands.[64]
Link for photo
Final collapse
Psamtik I:
Now, by the reign of Psamtik I, in 660 BC, Egyptian and Greek allied relations were well and truly sealed.
Military campaigns
Psamtik won Egypt's independence from the Assyrian Empire and restored Egypt's prosperity during his 54-year reign. The pharaoh proceeded to establish close relations with archaic Greece and also encouraged many Greek settlers to establish colonies in Egypt and serve in the Egyptian army. In particular, he settled some Greeks at Tahpanhes (Daphnae).[5]
Link for photo
Psamtik I
Investigation into the origin of language:
Now, according to Greek sources, Psamtik I conducted an investigation in to the origins of language, and his conclusion was, that Phrygian pre-dated Greek.
Invetigation into the origins of language
he Greek historian Herodotus conveyed an anecdote about Psamtik in the second volume of his Histories) (2.2). During his visit to Egypt, Herodotus heard that Psammetichus ("Psamṯik") sought to discover the origin of language by conducting an experiment with two children. Allegedly he gave two newborn babies to a shepherd, with the instructions that no one should speak to them, but that the shepherd should feed and care for them while listening to determine their first words. The hypothesis was that the first word would be uttered in the root language of all people. When one of the children cried "βεκός" (bekós) with outstretched arms, the shepherd reported this to Psammetichus, who concluded that the word was Phrygian because that was the sound of the Phrygian word for "bread". Thus, they concluded that the Phrygians were an older people than the Egyptians, and that Phrygian was the original language of men.
Link for photo
Psamtik writing
Now whilst the story of the experiment is likely an euhemerism.
It is still indicative that Psamtik I believed Greek language derived from Phrygian.
And the Phrygian are indeed thought to be Indo-European, by scholars and historians.
Of course, the language may have been Indo-european by the time it became the official language spoken by Greeks.
But, at the time of the first of the Dorian invasion, the language would almost definitely have still been more Indo-Aryan.
The Phrygians (Greek: Φρύγες, Phruges or Phryges) were an ancient Indo-European people, initially dwelling in the southern Balkans – according to Herodotus – under the name of Bryges (Briges), changing it to Phryges after their final migration to Anatolia, via the Hellespont. However, the Balkan origins of the Phrygians are debated by modern scholars.[1]
Link for photo
Therefore, it is quite apparent that Northerners, united with Indus valley, were likely Indo-Aryans that counter invaded Greece, and left Greeks with the Latin language, that would later be adopted by Romans.
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2020.09.07 20:31 ar_david_hh Sep/7/2020 news: \\ electric car imports skyrocket \\ inciting genocide = life sentence \\ tourist boulevard on Sevan shores \\ defamation law \\ EU deportations \\ anti-corruption busts \\ անճոռնի գորտը \\ March 1st statue & victims \\ COVID & economy \\ telecom & 5G \\ app: pick your doctor \\ ...

Parliament resumes the sessions after a lengthy break.

155-fold increase in electric vehicles / No VAT import tax

Nature Ministry wants you to drive electric, so they canceled import taxes on electric passenger cars last year.
Now they have a bill to waive taxes on 5-tons electric trucks. It's aimed at eliminating cargo trucks that leave a taste of gasoline in your mouth when they drive nearby. You know you felt it...
Imports of electric cars have gone from 12 in 2018, to 668 in 2H19, to 1863 in 1H20.

Armenia prepares to sign a deportee readmission agreement with EU

Parliament gave preliminary approval to sign an immigration agreement with Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Luxemburg. It states that the Armenian govt will aid the process of accepting back illegal immigrants from those countries.
There is already such agreement with France, Estonia, and Czechia.
2020 became the first year when the govt agreed to aid the returning deportees with a $125/mo housing subsidy for 6 months.
97% of Armenian migrants don't get refugee status in the EU because the experts conclude they aren't persecuted in Armenia.

A warning before a ticket?

BHK party drafted a bill to issue a warning before giving a ticket to residents who violate COVID safety rules.Նախազգուշացում-իսկ-կրկնվելու-դեպքում-տուգանք․-առաջարկվում-է-փոխել-տուգանելու-մեխանիզմը/394269

Armenia prepares to criminalize incitement of genocide

Parliament gave preliminary approval to proceed with a law that would imprison people between 8 years to life imprisonment if they publicly encourage a genocide.
The severity of punishment depends on whether the perpetrators are a group of officials who used mass-media, or an individual who used lesser tools.

Defamation penalties could increase

Parliament gave preliminary approval to a QP bill that could increase the penalty for insult and defamation five-fold, making it $10k and $20k.
The author of the bill says the purpose is to reduce instances of people registering fake online accounts/outlets to spread slander and insults. It'll be discussed with other parties before a vote.
The union of journalists criticized the bill and said the excessively-high penalties could violate free speech by forcing to shut down media outlets.
The government also found the proposed penalties too harsh and suggested a $4k and $6k penalty instead.

Fake food production could become a crime

QP party drafted a bill to prohibit the production of "fake" food. There is already a law against dangerous fake alcohol, but the food is currently "unprotected".
Producers could face between a $415 fine to 5 years in prison (if someone dies).

10km tourist promenade across Lake Sevan shores / Who owns the lands?

On April we learned that the govt is working on a new 10km pedestrian boulevard across the shores of Lake Sevan, to attract tourists. Pashinyan created a group tasked with examining suitable lands and legal issues.
Hetq media outlet has also examined the high-profile owners of the lands near the area of the proposed promenade. Some of the buildings are illegal because they were built too close to the lake.
Nature Ministry sent noticed to thousands of property owners and urged them to remove their properties.

ex-Deputy Minister is arrested on corruption charges

The report says: // HHK Vahan Poghosyan served as Tuberculosis Center director and was earlier charged for a 2019 embezzlement, and released on $10k bail.
Later, more corruption was found during his 2015-2016 activities. A decision was made to arrest him.
Being the chief coordinator of the anti-tuberculosis and HIV fight in Armenia, including the manager of the aid received by the U.S., he colluded with other officials to embezzle $163,000.
He also registered fake employees and stole their salaries, and appropriated state property.
12 people are charged in a felony case. //

2018 Constitutional Court (CC) hijacking trial

Context: HHK hijacked CC in 2018. They convinced CC's chief judge to resign by giving him a new job. With the CC chief's position being vacant, HHK decided to appoint their fellow MP Hrayr Tovmasyan as a judge.
The problem was, the new Constitution was supposed to activate soon and HHK wouldn't have enough time to appoint and approve.
To make it work, two HHK officials allegedly falsified documents and dates to fit the deadlines. The two officials are Ara Babloyan and Arsen Babayan. They were charged with a felony in 2019.
Today was their trial. The court deliberated on the level of personal movement restrictions on defendants.
The prosecutors agreed to allow Ara Babloyan to travel abroad, citing his good behavior and his new job.
As for Arsen Babayan, prosecutors wanted the restrictions to remain in place, but the court struck them down.
P.S. Arsen Babayan is the HHK official who recently joined ex-NSS chief Arthur Vanetsyan to form the Hayreniq Party.

Corruption bust / Yerevan's Green department

The report says: officials working at the capital's Green department were busted with negligently allowing, and in some instances purposely aiding, a $23k embezzlement involving a company that was hired to work for the city a few months ago.
A felony case is launched.

անճոռնի գորտը

Residents of Gyumri raised the alarm after discovering a construction in a historic-cultural building. Someone decided to build a tasteless 2nd floor on top of the historic building.
The municipality says the construction was unauthorized and suspended it. They summoned the builder for questioning.
The owner of the building claims it's not illegal because the law allows "light construction", and that they need to build the extra floor "to have a roof".

March 1st, 2008 victims & their lawyers won't attend court trials

March 1st victims: Now that the preliminary stage is over and the court has entered a lengthy beurocratic process, during which the judge chooses to only exercise powers against victims and not Robik and Co-defendants, we see no purpose to attend these sessions that are accompanied with human rights violations.
(Prosecutors will continue their case against Robik & Co)

March 1st memorial statue is being crafted

At the request of Yerevan municipality, sculptor Albert Vardanyan from Gyumri has been working on a bronze monument to commemorate the victims of the 2008 murders.
The initial model is made out of clay which will be further treated before being sent to a Yekaterinburg foundry for metal coating.
The location of the new monument will be decided soon. Its proposed location and design received some criticism.

Amulsar miner accuses LHK of helping hooligans

Lydian gold miner released footage showing how presumably environmental activists threw rocks at their cars and properties during the night. They claim LHK MPs met the activists earlier that day, which was followed by the attack.

COVID vs economy

Fewer sales receipts were printed in August YoY, while the trade turnover -12%.
For the January-August period, the trade turnover -10%.

Largest-ever COVID-compliance audit in Yerevan

Inspectors sent 24 groups across the capital to check businesses for safety compliance. 7% of businesses failed the test and were temporarily shut down. That's down from a typical 60% fail-rate that occurred at the beginning of the pandemic.

Ukraine upgrades Armenia's COVID-safety score

Due to the falling infection rates, Ukraine placed Armenia in the "green" zone. Those who visit Ukraine will no longer have to quarantine themselves as long as they spent the past 2 weeks exclusively in Armenia or other similar "green" countries.
Visitors still need a COVID health insurance.

364 people were flown to Russia with special flights

They join the list of 8,000 people who managed to travel from Armenia to Russia during the pandemic.

the British Science Association

... will be led by Lord Ara Darzi this year. Darzi, a professor at Denham, is the son of Armenian genocide survivors who fled to Iraq. His medical department is specialized in robotic surgeries.

Armenian fortress is revealed after Van lake levels drop

Old Archesh (Turkish "Chelebibag") fortress was built during the Van kingdom. It went underwater in the 1800s due to the rise of lake levels. A recent drought caused the lake to drop by 2 meters and exposed the fortress again.
A Turkish archaeologist wants to renovate it and turn it into a tourist site.

Armenia ratifies Lanzarote Convention

Armenia becomes the 47th state to approve the Lanzarote convention aimed at protecting children from sexual exploitation and abuse. It'll go into effect on June 1, 2021.

Forbes writes about Gucci's Armenian model

"Who Is Armine Harutyunyan And How Did She Become A Victim of Body-Shaming In Italy?"

Middle Eastern Armenians Add Some “Nefes” to Yerevan’s Culture

A documentary about the diasporans' restaurants in Yerevan.

Border villages in Tavush

Pashinyan visited Chinari village where he thanked the residents of Tavush province for bringing victories during July battles by "standing firmly behind our soldiers."
12 Chinari houses have been renovated after sustaining Azeri fire in July.
The PM reminded residents about a new law that doubled the monthly aid to $105/mo for working mothers in villages, and introduced a $55/mo aid for unemployed mothers.
Another border city Berd will have a newly renovated Handicraftsman College soon. ,

Corruption bust / ex-soccer chief Nemets Rubo's company

The report says: between 2013-2019, the director of HFF's Technical Center department colluded with HFF chief HHK MP Nemets Rubo's "Noralusin" company to embezzle funds.
The officials claimed they cooperated with Rubo's company to send kids to its summer camp. No camping services were provided but the company charged $205,000.
A felony case is launched against the directors of HFF Technical Center and Rubo's Noralusin company.

Telecom industry news / 5G / 4G+

UCOM ISP doesn't have plans to implement 5G any time soon. They don't see a need or a clear advantage for the consumers, yet.
UCOM criticized the new startup ISP "TEAMS" for poaching 400 of its employees, 90% of whom were highly skilled techies and managers. (it happened after UCOM founder left the company over a dispute and others followed him)
Beeline ISP has modernized dozens of towers in Yerevan to boost 4G speeds from ~150 to 450mbps.

New rules to catch fish in Lake Sevan

Nature Ministry is tweaking the restrictions on Sevan fishing, which are meant to protect baby fish and general population count.
Fishing will be allowed in the Small Sevan section, too. That adds an additional 8 locations to the current 17.
The smallest fish can weigh 400g instead of 500g.
The overall limit was raised to 300 tons.
Fishers are given 2 more weeks to obtain a seasonal permit. Dozens of lake rangers will monitor fishers for compliance.

PostEuropa stamp competition

Armenia has entered the "Ancient Postal Routes" European competition for the best postal stamp. It presents a stamp depicting Old Gyumri which used to be Armenia's number-one political and cultural hub in the 1⁹th century.
You can vote for your favorite by Wednesday here:

Byurakan International Summer School

The observatory is hosting online classes this week about astronomy and data science. There will be lectures and demonstrations.
The first school session was organized by Viktor Hambardzumyan in 1987. In 2006 the observatory resumed the practices and holds it every two years.

New website lets you find the right doctor

Healthcare Ministry launched a new free tool that allows you to browse all the available doctors in your area, read their biographies, read reviews left by other patients, learn the strengths and weaknesses, and schedule an appointment online.
There are also Android and iOS apps.

In case you missed the Sunday report

You can skip the Kardashian part, per popular demand ;)
You've read 1948 words.

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
submitted by ar_david_hh to armenia [link] [comments]

2020.09.06 16:18 CesarRomeroAr What is Google Crowdsource?

What is Google Crowdsource?
Google Crowdsource, also known as Crowdsource, Crowdsource by Google, Community Collaboration and Contributor by Google, is a crowdsourcing platform developed by Google and aimed at improving many of its services through the training of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, with the help of volunteer users. This training, which Google points out as micro-tasks that should take no more than 5-10 seconds to complete, allows the AI to learn new skills and study a large amount of information that enhances its ability to be implemented in the various tools that the company offers (Google Translate, Maps, Fotos, Assistant, among other).
Crowdsource was developed and launched for the Android operating system in the official Google Play store, as well as in its web version, on August 29, 2016. This platform includes several short tasks that users can complete in order to sophisticate and enhance many of Google's services. These tasks include image tag verification, comment feeling evaluation and translation validation among other tasks. By completing these tasks, users provide Google with valuable data for algorithm training and service improvement. As users complete tasks, they earn achievements and recognitions that include statistics, credentials and certificates, as well as differentiated tracking of their progress by task in a User World Scoreboard (participation in this scoreboard is optional).
At launch, the Crowdsource application presented users with 5 different tasks: image transcription, handwriting recognition, translation, translation validation and map translation validation. The latest version of the application includes 7 tasks in its mobile version and 8 in its web version.
The mobile mode of the project includes the following functions:
Smart Camera: It consists of a smart camera that detects objects and provides an overview of them. The user then has to tell the function whether the description given is correct or not.
Verification of image labels: The user must indicate if the label presented to him can be the one indicated or not for the photograph that is perceived in a random way in the chosen category.
Sentimental analysis: It presents the user with various reviews and comments so that he can classify them according to his opinion as "positive", "neutral" or "negative". Also, as an alternative, the user can skip a question if they are not sure and move on to the next one. These reviews by Crowdsource users help a variety of recommendation-based technologies that Google uses on platforms such as Google Maps, Google Play Store and YouTube.
Handwriting recognition: Handwriting recognition involves users reading handwritten words and transcribing them into text. As explained by Google, completing this task helps improve the handwriting feature of the Google Keyboard.
Translation and Validation of translations: Translation-related tasks (translation and translation validation) are only shown to users who have selected more than one language in which they are fluent. While map translation validation is no longer a task in Crowdsource, users can still complete translation and translation validation tasks. Translation presents the user with one of the languages in which they are fluent, and asks them to translate it into another language in which they are also fluent. Translation validation presents users with a list of translations submitted by other users, and asks them to categorize them as correct or incorrect. Both tasks help improve the translation capabilities of Google, especially in Google Translate, and any other Google application that has translated content, including Google Maps.
Image capture: This function allows you to take photos or upload them from the gallery and share them in open source for free use on the Internet with precise tags describing the content of the photo.
Google Crowdsource - Mobile Version
The web mode in turn provides the following functions:
Verification of image labels: Same function as in the mobile version. VIEW!
Image legend: Allows you to validate or invalidate image captions that may be linked to the photograph being displayed. VIEW!
Handwriting recognition: Same function as in the mobile version. VIEW!
Reference points: This function allows you to indicate whether the reference point indicated corresponds to the image presented. This task is designed to help ensure that businesses and landmarks are recognisable on applications such as Google Maps, Google Street View, etc. VIEW!
Facial expressions: It allows you to analyze human face expressions in YouTube videos and then tell the application what kind of expression is detected. VIEW!
Translation and Translation Validation: Same function as in the mobile version.
Assistance Tutor: It allows you to show the Google virtual assistant how people could speak to you in your language.
Google Crowdsource - Web Version
Crowdsource has a "Achievements" section that shows the Statistics and Badges that the user gets by completing various tasks. Among these, the level at which the user is according to his contribution flow stands out. These range from Level 1 to Level 18.
Recently, a League Table was added that shows the progress of partners worldwide in each of the application's functions. VIEW!
Crowdsource tracks the total user contributions to the project and displays them on a counter, as well as metrics that provide a balance of responses in line with overall community responses synthesized in a section called "Votes in favour" and "Accuracy" that shows the degree of accuracy or validity of user responses.
As users complete tasks, they also receive Badges. There are badges for each type of task, which denote progress through that particular task (such as translation validation), as well as badges for other milestones, such as completing a given task through a notification.
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2020.09.04 08:20 jjkty My Parents' are Armenian?

Hello everyone,i research my parents and i need your help. My grandmother's grandfather's grandfather's name is Egup(looks like Agop) and his wife name Meryem(Virgin mary's name).And dates of birth 1800s. And my from is Marash.
i think these are Armenian, but I could not be sure. I will be glad if you can answer. Thanks.
submitted by jjkty to armenia [link] [comments]

2020.09.01 22:01 ar_david_hh Sep/1/2020 news: \\ archaeologists discover canals, scripts, churches in Artsakh's Tigranocerta, dismiss "Caucasian Albania" theories \\ Volunteer Army to have 100,000 men & women \\ mass poisoning from wood alcohol \\ winery explosion \\ anti-corruption busts \\ schools++ \\ new Yerevan bus \\ ...

Tigranocerta - the ancient Armenian city in Artsakh / Kura River and Aghvan church / Urartian water canals

"Fragments of Armenian inscriptions testify that Artsakh's Tigranakert held the breath of Armenianness until its last days," said chief archaeologist Hamlet P.
Q: what discoveries have you made this year?
We have special areas of high-interest that we dig every year. We discovered 900 meters of a fence in a particular district, and will soon get the full picture. We haven't found the district's entrance, yet.
Another thing we're examining is a square from the early Christian era. There are two churches, tombs, etc.
The third excavation site is an ancient district, the seventh one that we wound.
The area is 100 hectares. It's quite large. More exploration will allow us to understand how the city switched from antique to the Christian era. We found Christian objects in Tsits Hill dating back to the 5th century.
Q: What historical conclusions can you make based on discoveries?
Besides the old churches, we found Armenian cross-stones and scripts from the 13th century, which prove that Tigranakert remained an Armenian city until its end, under the control of Khachen rulers.
It led us to believe that Khachen ruler Hasan Jalan controlled the area reaching Kur River.
The new 5th-century Armenian Christian discoveries prove that this wasn't originally Aghvan territory and that Aghvan church took over sometime in the middle of the 5th century.
The right side of Kur River was entirely Armenian, the church's servants were Armenian, but it served the Aghvan church up until the 19th century.
Q: tell us details about the water canal you found.
There are hills on Khachenaget river basin. On top of it, there is an ancient Christian complex, below which there is a 5km water canal. We excavated part of it this year.
We know that Urartians used to build huge water canals in Ararat Valley [far away from this area], but there is no such water network stretching from Ararat Valley to the Caspian Sea.
We're trying to find out if this canal was built before or after Tigranocerta. This is a fantastic discovery.
We accidentally found the water canal tunnel while excavating the church. The tunnel had vegetation which we had to remove. We discovered 4 structures. It's too complicated for us; we'll invite experts from Florence University.
Q: what do the discovered tonirs (թոնիր) tell us?
We found 20 tonirs from the 12th century, a proof of active economic life. There are 2m deep grain storages, too. We don't know why there were so many in a small area. Maybe some govt project.
Q: tell us more about the Christian period of Tigranakert.
We have to differentiate the post and pre Christian periods. The early Christian period contained Armenian scripts; this is the time when Sasanian arquniq united Artsakh and Utiq and gave them to Aghvank.
The Armenian scripts prove that Azerbaijani and some international experts are wrong about this being a non-Armenian area.
The government of the region changed, but the population remained Armenian. There were possibly some Greeks because Tigran brought some Asian Minor population. This is why we see some early-Christian-era Greek scripts, too.
Q: How can Artsakh present this to the international scientific community?
We need a museum, tourism areas, an information desks near each artifact. We contacted 15 international bodies but we're careful because of politics [unrecognized republic]. It hasn't stopped them from inviting us for talks, however.
More in the article with lots of photos:

Volunteer Army details / Women to join / Numbers estimated

Last week we leaned about the upcoming creation of a new nationwide Volunteer Army to aid the army in the event of war.
It is estimated that 100,000 civilians could join, in addition to the army reservists who would be separately drafted for war.
The MoD says the weapons will only be distributed during wartime after training.
"People won't be freely walking around the city with weapons. Anyone with acceptable health under the age of 70 can apply to join. Not everyone will fight in the front-lines.
Women are welcome; they'll be assigned non-combat tasks in the beginning."
"This is not a Swiss or Israeli model. It's tweaked for Armenia. Volunteers get training, receive weapons, then return it once the fights are over."
The Volunteers won't be paid during peace or training, but they'll be paid similar to existing contractors and receive the status of a "soldier" during a war. That means approximately $320/mo (that's for lower-ranking contractors).
Tags: #VolunteerArmy #Ashkharazor

High number of military academy recruits

The army says they're seeing a high volume of applications to join Monte Melkonyan military academy this year, the highest in 6 years.
A substantial number of women have joined, for the first time in the academy's history. "They passed vigorous exams."
"Military education and profession has restored its attractiveness."

just 2 left....

There are only 2 military barracks in Armenia and Artsakh that don't have the high-quality food that the govt began supplying since 2019. They'll get it this year.

Armenian-Greek relations

MoD discussed the resumption of AM-GR military cooperation as soon as COVID-related restrictions are lifted. They spoke about regional issues.

Arrests in Azerbaijan

Russian authorities detained and extradited an Azeri citizen who will be charged with "being a member of a terrorist organization and cooperating with a foreign state for spying". It isn't clear which country they're referring to.
In 2017, Azeri authorities accused several soldiers of spying for Armenia, then killed them under various suspicious circumstances. Armenia denied any connection with the Azeri soldiers and accused the Azeri regime of removing "undesirables" at the time.

11 die and more injured after alcohol poisoning

11 residents of Armavir died in a hospital and 6 were injured from alcohol poisoning. Some are in critical condition.
The origin was initially unknown, but they all purchased from the same bootlegger.
The cops raided a 50yo man's house and found 200 liters of homemade vodka. The victims positively identified the containers.
A lab will examine the vodka within 3-7 days. It is presumably was made out of technical methyl alcohol (wood spirit), a 30ml of which can be deadly, while 5ml will cause blindness.
The investigators plead the public not to use the 30 liters of alcohol that the man managed to sell.
Several residents contacted the police saying that they purchased the vodka but hadn't had a chance to drink it yet.

Wine container explodes in Proshyan cognac factory

2 workers died and 4 were injured after a 30-ton wine container exploded in Proshyan cognac factory during a welding job by a construction firm. A fire broke out afterward.
The details are being investigated. The deceased are the factory's branch director and the director of the construction company.

COVID stats

+97 infected. +634 healed. +2 deaths. 4,373 active. 206,929 tested.

Massive rise in property-related anti-corruption investigations

Prosecutors are examining hundreds of instances of officials embezzling state property.
The number of cases filed in the first half of 2020 is 33% greater than in the entire 2019.
The most common crime was rigging sale auctions to guarantee that a specific buyer wins.

Prominent HHK MP's son and ex-officials face corruption charges

ex-MP HHK Galust Sahakyan's son Tigran (not the one who released a cringe song with Ashotyan), among with former officials, are accused of property embezzlement and forgery.
The report says: // in 2003, the Property Management Minister purposely under-valued a property and sold it to Tigran.
A year later Tigran wanted to get more lands, so his brother Arman (the guy from the cringe song) used his connections in Yerevan municipality to have one of the Yerevan officials to testify in court in favor of his brother to forge the process.
Multiple felony cases are launched. They're told not to leave Armenia. //

September 1st / How many kids?

Today was supposed to be the first day of education, but it's delayed by two weeks due to COVID.
How many first-grade students will attend school?
2018: 36,000, up from 2017 partly due to post-revolution immigration from Russia.
2019: 42,000
2020: 36,000 registered so far in govt-run schools.

Schools with seismic protection

Two schools in Yerevan and Vanadzor have been rebuilt with seismic protections, a new sports center, furniture, and elevator, to house 948 students.

the 2017 anti-domestic violence law

If you think the new child protection "Lanzarote" and women's protection "Istanbul" laws are controversial, you should have seen 2017, when HHK was trying to pass the anti-domestic violence law.
At the time, a group of hardline traditionalists interrupted the Parliament session. They believed that the law would destroy families and take away kids from parents.
"They still use the same fear-mongering tactics to lobby against Istanbul and Lanzarote contentions," said an NGO activist.
The 2017 law gave more powers to the police to apply restrictions on the domestic abuser.
Court cases went from 75 to 48 to 36. "The law is flawed and doesn't allow every assault to be classified as domestic abuse. There are too few shelters for abuse victims."
In 2019, the police issued 796 warnings and applied 260 emergency interventions.Ինչպես-ազդեց-ընտանեկան-բռնության-մասին-օրենքը-հայ-ընտանիքի-վրա/393927

Արտաշատցիք քեֆ են անում

Artashat's Isakov district has a water network for the first time in 20 years. Residents no longer have to carry buckets. They threw a table to celebrate it.

100 big + 100 small buses in Yerevan

As we learned on July 16th, Yerevan plans to buy 100 smaller buses before the 100 twelve-meter buses.
The small bus is bigger than a marshutka but smaller than a 12-meter bus. The delivery will begin soon. There is already an auction winner.
It has a disability ramp, AC and heater, taller design so you won't bend over, equipment for electronic payment and GPS, a screen that provides info to passengers, automatic bus-stop announcement.

Bezoar goat couple filmed on the mountains

Rare "bearded vulture" couple filmed in Armenian mountains

Gypeatus barbatus (գառնանգղ) are in the Red Book.

update: Diasporans begin working at govt

The Diaspora Committee had earlier launched iGorts program to attract highly skilled diasporans to visit Armenia and work for the govt temporarily.
24 diasporans from 9 countries have begun their work.

More baby-fish is injected into Lake Sevan

The Nature Ministry dumped 220k baby Sevan trout (Սևանի իշխան) into rivers that flow into the lake, as part of a plan to increase the population to improve the water quality.
You've read 1803 words.

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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2020.08.28 19:28 IdolA28Augl Sugar Da-ddy G-ay Serious Da-ting N-ew

Sugar Da-ddy G-ay Serious Da-ting N-ew
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2020.08.27 20:45 ar_david_hh Aug/27/2020 News TLDR: \\ New airport, village, reservoir to be built \\ Doctor becomes Hero \\ COVID tickets \\ "Quarantine" to replace Emergency State \\ Big bust over police bribery \\ Prison guards arrested \\ Worker rights \\ Lebanese-Armenians \\ Utility subsidies \\ Roads++ \\ Kurds in Turkey

New village will be built / Reservoir revival project

The govt has obtained lands in Shirak province to build a new village. It'll house 350 residents of a soon to be relocated village.
They'll be relocated due to the construction of a water reservoir "Kaps", which will fill their current village lands with water. It'll irrigate 30,000 hectares.
The affected village is part of Amasia Settlement (a collection of villages) located 22km north of Gyumri, near the Akhuryan river basin. The reservoir will gradually expand from 25 to 60m m3 volume.
Pashinyan: this is the first time in modern history that we build a village from zero. It needs to meet the standards of a 21st-century village.

update: gas explosion partly collapses apartment building

Yesterday part of a building collapsed, leaving 1 dead and 2 seriously injured. Dozens were safely evacuated.
Pashinyan: // please pay special attention to gas appliance's safety protocols. Yesterday's incident is, unfortunately, one of many in Armenia. The affected families are currently housed in hotels. //
What to do if you smell gas: open the windows, close the gas valves, call 104.
What NOT to do: anything that can light a fire or cause a spark, such as turning on an appliance.
More tips in links:

A doctor receives Order of Fatherland (a Hero title) for the first time

Heart surgeon Doctor Hagop Hovagumian has been awarded the Order of Fatherland for saving many lives for years, contributing to the healthcare system, training new doctors, advancements in surgeries, etc.
Hagop is the 19th person and the 1st doctor with this medal. It is the equivalent of a "hero" title.

COVID stats

+1,938 tested. +203 infected. +262 healed. +3 deaths. 5,153 active.
A group of Armenian citizens protested in front of govt building. They want the govt to negotiate with Georgia to allow their transit to Russia. "People have businesses there. They've been stranded here for 6 months. We've been unable to get help from Pashinyan."
Pashinyan: it appears the infection's decline has resumed. We had a high number of tests with fewer infections. It's important to keep it up. Remember to exercise safety. The virus's decline depends on an individual's behavior.

While masks fight the pandemic, others fight the masks

The trio of opposition parties ARF, BHK, and Hayreniq (founded by ex NSS chief Vanetsyan and his HHK friend), decided to sue the government to suspend the process of issuing tickets to those who don't wear masks.
They also want to cancel every $20 ticket that was been issued to date, citing poverty.
Context: At the peak of the pandemic, the govt significantly reduced the size of tickets for not wearing a mask, so they could start issuing tickets to many more people to convince the general public to wear masks. The penalty size reduction was also applied to previously issued penalties. Critics believe the reduced penalties were still unwarranted. The wearing of masks ultimately led to a reduction in infections.

How many tickets have been written for not wearing a mask?

As of July 8th, the police recorded 66k instances of not wearing a mask but only 20k people were given a $20 ticket.
75 were successfully struck-down in court.
$9,500 have been paid so far out of possible $400,000.
LHK suggests canceling the tickets but only for those who're low-income (but would that be Constitutional? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Let's ask ուստա Edmon)

Emergency State law to be amended / Introduction of "Quarantine" state

The govt doesn't want to extend the Emergency, but they need to amend the law to continue to fight the virus without a full-blown Emergency.
Justice and Healthcare Ministries: // it's possible that pandemic's decline can allow us to save lives without an Emergency State.
The amendment introduces a new "Quarantine" process without Emergency. The Quarantine can be declared by local governments in specific locations, at the permission of the Healthcare Ministry.
The Quarantine can include movement restrictions and self-isolation.
In the event it's widespread and the Quarantine is declared by the federal government, then it additionally allows restriction on schools, trade, protests.
The Quarantine will be less restrictive than Emergency. There will no longer be electronic monitoring of potentially infected citizens, suspension of businesses, and the enforcement tools will be different [these last parts were amended at the request of Human Rights Ombudsman]. //

Some of George Soros's biggest critics are his closet fanboys is one of former regime's many outlets. They routinely attack George Soros and his foundation.
It turns out 7or's founder took dozens of thousands of dollars from Soros to improve his website, launch a new blog, and translate articles in Russian.

Massive ՃՈպլիկ corruption busted / Driver's license

NSS report says: 15 people are charged with giving and receiving bribes. A policeman in Vanadzor used his friend to find prospective drivers looking to buy a driver's license. The driving tests were then rigged.
The cop is charged with 18 counts of corruption and is arrested. The rest are facing similar but fewer charges.

update: ex-IRS chief to stay in jail

The court has rejected a petition to release ex-Minister and ex-IRS chief Gagik Khachatryan from jail. He's facing financial crime charges.

SIS has arrested 2 prison guards

This story is likely unrelated to alleged abuse of an inmate a few days ago.
SIS has found that, in February 2020, several Nubarashen prison guards removed an inmate from his cell under the pretense of taking him to the warden's office.
They allegedly took him to another cell where several other inmates were already waiting for him. He was beaten by inmates.
Two prison guards have just been arrested for setting him up.

Can't get fired because of age

The Constitution and international agreements prohibit age-based labor discrimination, reminds the Helsinki Committee.
They found instances of workers being fired after reaching a certain age.
A woman was fired last year as soon as she became a senior, even though that didn't hinder her abilities to do the job.
She sued the employer for wrongful termination and won. The NGO is offering help with similar lawsuits.

Charity concert for Lebanon

All-Armenia Fund will hold a concert on August 29th to help Lebanese-Armenian schools.
There will be singers, a special report from Beirut, guest speakers including Serj Tankian, President Sarkissian, producer Atom Egoyan, Arsine Khanjyan, and others.
In other news, 9 more Lebanese-Armenian families will settle in Artsakh. 2 families had earlier moved to Shushi.
Live broadcast at:

4 years later, April Battles participant receives a Hero title

Artsakh govt gave a Hero medal posthumous to Captain Armenak Urfanyan.
The 26yo contractor encouraged his fellows to defend the outpost during the April 2nd Azeri attack. They succeeded, at the cost of his life. He neutralized several soldiers and heavy equipment. Died from tank fire.

Law to extend utility subsidies for bordering villagers, and new aid

QP MPs drafted a bill which was approved by the govt today. (yet to receive a Parliament vote)
Residents of 36 bordering settlements would receive 50% subsidy for utility bills, no land or property tax, mandatory repairs by the government if Azerbaijan bombs their homes (new aid).
In addition to medical bills, the govt will pay $6k if a civilian is wounded from Azeri fire or $10.4k if dies (new aid).
Tag: #BorderVillage #BorderAid

Bomb shelters are being built near borders

The Emergency Ministry built modular bomb shelters and reinforced residents' basements in a Tavush village.
Some of them can house 70 people and are made of metal and concrete.


Upper Getashen is having 7 of its streets renovated. The new 2km irrigation network will serve 13 districts.
Balahovot bridge is being renovated for $300k.
Angel-Hrazdan road is being renovated with thicc asphalt, water removal network, metal barriers, and signs.

Kapan's new airport is almost ready

The runway and building are ready. They need to import technology. Once it's done, they'll ask Civil Aviation for a permit to host airplanes. It should be ready by 1Q21.
Zangezur copper mine has donated a L-410 small aircraft.
40 jobs will be created.

Chess team advances to 1/4th tour

Online Chess Olympiad. Armenia defeated Greece and advanced to 1/4th. They'll play against India tomorrow.

Azeri government hosts the ax murderer in Parliament

Ramil Safarov was invited to Azeri Parliament and welcomed by the Culture Committee chief, who congratulated Safarov with his birthday. "We'll liberate Karabakh with the help of heroes like you," said the Culture Committee chief.

Rapid growth of Kurdish population makes Turkish government anxious

rapid growth of Turkish population
The first census in Turkish Republic was done in 1927 and it revealed 14m residents. By 2019, it was 83m.
The notable period of growth was 2007-2017, during which it jumped from 70m to 80m.
the future looks great!
By 2050 it'll be 96m according to UN, while Turkish govt says they'll reach that number a decade sooner.
The growing population was one of the playing cards in the hands of Turkey since 1996 when they announced plans to join the EU. Everybody likes a young and working-age population!
does it really look great, though?
No problem with population, it seems, so why do we hear statements by Turkish politicians with "concerning" tone?
Recep Erdogan keeps telling young families they need to have at least 3 kids. "Women cannot have a full life without kids. Turks in Europe must have 5 kids," said Erdogan, followed by similar statements by his colleagues.
He even tried to ban abortions before receiving a public backlash.
Kurdish population growth explodes
Kurdish population has been rapidly expanding in recent years. Some estimates put it at 3x faster than Turkish growth.
Depending on whom you ask, 14-35m Kurds are living in Turkey.
Why doesn't the Turkish Census have an accurate number? Because the Census doesn't record ethnicity. Every citizen is counted as a Turk.
Kurdish growth makes Turkish politicians anxious
While Turks, who mostly live in western parts of the country, prefer to have 2 children, Kurds are having well over 3.
Turkish nationalist MHP party official and Kurdish commando Abdullah Ocalan once predicted that soon, as early as 2037, the populations of Turks and Kurds will be equal.
Wiping out Armenians "backfired"?
Some Turkish figures are concerned about the concentration of Kurds in eastern and southern regions. They think that by wiping out Armenians, they only carried out a "tactical victory" but "lost the war".
They believe that Armenians were "more educated" in certain aspects than Kurds (for example Istanbul's architect was Palyan family), which is why now Turkey is worse-off with Kurds having replaced Armenians, they believe.
Erdogan isn't even hiding it
After the failed "coup" in 2016, Erdogan stated that "We lost 250 people but saved 50-million-strong Turkey". Why only 50m, when Turkey's population was 80m? Likely because he doesn't view Kurds as part of Turkey.
People began speculating that the real Kurdish population is 30m (80-50). Remember, it's hard to get official data on this.
Others pointed out that even 50m is too high for Turks because there are many other Muslim ethnicities besides Turks and Kurds.
ballots replace weapons
One metric that confirms the rapid Kurdish growth is the election victories.
In 1980s, the Turkish govt amended the Constitution to require political parties to win at least 10% to enter Parliament. The bar was purposely set high to block Kurds, and it did, for 30 years.
But in 2015, Kurdish HDP party (whose member is Armenian MP Garo Paylan) crossed the barrier and won 80 seats out of 550. It was unprecedented.
Despite political persecutions by Erdogan, the HDP party managed to cross it two more times (2015 and 2018).
In 2019, HDP chose not to run candidates in local elections, and instead, endorsed Erdogan's primary rival CHP party. The latter won major victories, including in Istanbul.
Why were HDP successful in elections?
Not only are Kurds politically organized in the south-east, but also around Istanbul, which has the world's largest Kurdish population. The Kurdish population growth is also an obvious reason.
What is Erdogan doing about it?
The regime began using Kurdish PKK (terrorist organization in Turkey) as a pretense to harass legitimate Kurdish politicians, by accusing them of collaboration, then removing them from elections.
Several Kurdish newspapers and parties have been persecuted and closed, but they keep coming back like a phoenix.
There is also Part 2 which I won't post here:Ապաքրդացման-հիմնախնդիրը-Թուրքիայում/393519
You've read 2125 words.

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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